How To Create Fake News


Note: This won’t work unless you know how to twist the words. Don’t take my ‘advice’ seriously.

As you can see, nowadays, fake news are everywhere. While the aim of creating a fake news varies between individuals, most people do it so that their ‘content’ would be viral, giving them a sensation of being famous (even if nobody really knows them). Others simply creates fake news content so ‘fool’ the public. As you already know this is often done by the big G in an attempt to spread their propaganda. While it is still open to debate, there might be suggestions that the mainstream media may be creating them all the time cause why not? It’s so easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Choose a good title that would make people want to know what’s happening.

Your title doesn’t necessarily need to be click-bait material. In fact, if it try to click-bait the title, chances are readers wouldn’t bother to revisit your news site a second time. However, if you are confident that enough people would click on it the first time and they would generate enough ad-revenue that would keep you going for months to come, then go ahead and do it.

2.  Think of a story that is ‘newsworthy’.

The definition of ‘newsworthy’ varies from people to people so this part might be tricky. Always remember that when a dog bites a man, that’s not news but when a man bites a dog, that’s news. People don’t want to read on the news repeatedly. For example, while news about people getting murdered would get people ‘excited’ for the first time, when the same type of news is repeated over the days, people would eventually get bored cause they would had regarded murder as something normal by then.

3. Once you had chosen your story, create your sources.

This part is the easiest. Obviously to make a news content become legit, you need witnesses who you would need to interview. The best part is, you can just skip the interviewing part and write your own interview. Always remember to write in ‘their own words’. An innocent bystander would unlikely use sophisticated words unless they were attending some ‘educational’ event that you made up or ‘high culture’ events.

USE SIMPLE WORDS when citing what ‘they said’. That way people would believe you. Don’t worry about the names. The most famous way to ‘tell their name’ is to write things like ‘a witness that was interviewed but refused to be named’ or ‘an anonymous source’. If you decided to interview someone, just act as if they know something about the event that you made up. If an ‘expert’ refused to comment any further, you could always turn the table and claim that they were hiding something.

Ok, that’s all you need to know. Of course, there are more things that you can do to make your story more legitimate such as adding photographs which is easy if you write something related to the paranormal world for instance but that’s too complicated if you don’t have the time so, don’t bother. Ok, bye.


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