The Night Class : The Beginning of the End


We ran towards where we came from. I knew how to drive but I didn’t have the keys to my now dead friend’s car. “What the hell is happening?” I shouted at Alice. “I told you to kill her!” she screamed and we got into her car. Immediately, she drove away as the street was starting to fill with people who haven’t experienced an earthquake their whole lives.

Looking towards the woods, I could see that everything was starting to sink into what seemed to be a sinkhole as the ground started to break apart. “The devil is coming?” I asked Alice who was heading towards the highway. “You don’t say,” was the response that I got. “She was born on a perfect day too,” Alice said to me. “Now we are going far away from this state,” Alice told us. “Why?” I asked her.

“The devil still needs your blood,” Alice told me. “Cause they had kind of somewhat labelled you for the ultimate sacrifice,” Alice said in a calm voice. “So,” I asked. “Once the earthquake is over,” what will happen to it. “It will find you,” Alice said. “Good, just kill me now,” I told her. “Are you crazy?” she asked, clearly annoyed.

“I’m dead either way,” I said. “Do you have any idea where we can go?” Alice asked me as if she didn’t listen to what I was saying. “My parents’ house?” I asked. “You are too naive,” she said, indicating that my parents were part of their sick group too. “They kind of offered your soul to it,” Alice told me. “When you were a baby, they offered your soul to it,” she told me like I haven’t already figured that out.

“Look,” I said. “I will be dead anyway. Did you see that thing? It was sucking everything. There’s no way we could survive that. Besides, how about your w-” I couldn’t finish my sentence because Alice blared the honks to make me stop talking. “That one is part of the group too,” she told me. “And,” she said. “For god sake, could you stop being such a pessimistic bigot?”

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “Look at who’s calling me a bigot. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black,” I replied back. “Look, there’s no time to be fighting now. I know a place where we can stay for awhile,” she told me. “But you will have to drive,” she said and stopped the car instantly. Getting behind the wheels, I asked her where we are heading but she said just drive until the gas tank is empty and went to sleep.

“This woman is crazy,” I swore under my breath. Driving at night had always been my strength because when I drive, I wouldn’t feel tired or sleepy. After I drove for more than three hours, I saw that the tank was empty but we have just enough to reach the gas station where I filled up the tank using Alice’s card and woke her up. “What now? I asked.

“Exit at the 13th exit that you see,” she said to me and went back to sleep. “How do I know that you weren’t getting up a trap for me?” I asked but obviously, nobody answered. I counted the exits as I passed them all. It wasn’t until an hour that I reached the 13th exit and Alice woke up just in time as I saw that I had to choose between the left or right road. “Left,” she said but this time, she didn’t go back to sleep.

Signalling me to stop the car, I did and we switched places. I immediately fell asleep and when I woke up, it was already about 7:00 a.m and we were at a gas station. “Where are we?” I asked her. “Your new home,” she said as she drove deep into the woods. Checking my phone, which barely had any battery left.

Checking the news, I saw that the headline states that a massive earthquake had hit my university’s area, which destroyed a lot of houses and completely obliterated the university. “There were reports of a tall, black figure coming out from the ground but it hasn’t been seen since,” the article read. “Well,” I said. “I know that one thing for sure is that I wouldn’t be attending any night class anymore,”


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