The Night Class: Episode 15


“Your hands in the air!” the detective shouted and so I did what I was told to do. “Follow me!” she screamed and so I did. She took me to a group of people, standing in circles in front of a fire. They were wearing all white with an inverted cross around their neck. “We will sacrifice you,” she said. “And then, our God will be revived,” she said with a lunatic tone in her voice.

“Look,” I said. “I know I don’t drink and all that but I’m not a saint,” I said to her. “It doesn’t matter,” she said. “Your birth date and time falls at the perfect time,” she continued. I wondered if I could ask her to explain the logic in all this brouhaha but I decided against it. I had always regarded numerology as fraud created by people who want to earn more money without actually doing anything.

Scanning around, I saw that Alice was nowhere to be found, not that I care. “Maybe this lunatic Satanists had already killed her first,” I said to myself. “Will your God take you to heaven?” I asked sarcastically, trying to buy more time, in hopes that someone would notice the smokes that were coming from the fire. “That depends,” she said. “Once we had revived our God, he would lead us in the fight against the ‘angels’.

“Had you ever wondered about why people use ‘he’ as a pronoun to replace ‘God’,” I asked. “Don’t try to be funny, kid,” she replied. “Ok, so you are fighting for a cause which you don’t even know would succeed?” I asked her. “Yes,” she said. “And so what? People fought in revolutions and wars. If everyone thinks that their cause is useless, none of it would have succeeded,” she replied, stating an excellent point.

“You know if God is real and all that,” I said. “Couldn’t he just delete all this?” I asked her. “Shut up!” she shouted and pointed the gun at me. I heard a shot being fire and I was physically ready to ‘die’ but I was left unharmed. The detective dropped her gun, screaming at her as he hands start to bleed. “You will leave him alone!” Alice shouted as she pointed the gun towards the rest of the group.

“Come here!” she shouted at me. “No,” I said, “Cause that would be stupid,” I replied. “Shut up and come here!” she shouted. “I’m not a part of this group anymore!” she shouted. “Yeah sure,” I said, still standing at my place, refusing to move a muscle. “Come here or I’ll shoot you,” she said, pointing the gun at me. Seeing that I’m dead either way, I walked towards her. “Hurry up!” she shouted impatiently.

As I reached her, she gave me the gun. “There,” she said. Pointing the gun at the advancing Satanists, I shouted, “More one more step and I will kill you all!” I said and they stopped moving. “So much for fighting the ‘angels'” I said. “You aren’t even ready to give up your life,” I shouted at them, laughing. “And you,” I said to Alice. “Explain all these shenanigans,” I said to her.

“I went to the woods every day to try to destroy the place,” she said to me. “Then why were you chasing me?” I asked her. “I couldn’t trust anyone,” she replied. “I knew that my cause is stupid the day people told me to kill the boy who was walking here,” she said to me. “I lied and told the boy to run away,” she said. “But he died anyway,” she told me.

“You idiot!” her daughter shouted to her. “Now we need someone to volunteer their soul to the God!” she shouted. “Shut up!” I shouted, pointing the gun at her. “Your causes is obviously ridiculous!” I told her. “Look at these people,” I said. “Clearly they aren’t even brave enough to pick up a weapon, let alone fight for some random hell God of yours!” I shouted. “They aren’t,” she said. “But I am!” she yelled.

Taking the gun from the ground, she started to chant something. “Shoot her!” Alice yelled at me. “Kill her! Kill her!” she shouted. “I will do nothing of that sort,” I yelled back. The detective pointed the gun at her head and I pointed mine to her hand, ready to pull the trigger. We pulled it at the same time and she fell to the gun. I couldn’t see what was happening but after a second, the ground started to shake as if there was an earthquake. “Run for your life!” Alice shouted at me as she ran to the gates. I followed her as I could feel something roaring from underground.

To be continued….


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