The Haunting (Short Story)


The haunting started as soon as Jenny and her family moved into their new house. At first it was just books falling down but after a few days, they started to hear children giggling and running around the house. It wasn’t until the second week that they started to see those children too.

“I can’t live in this house anymore,” her grandma said one day after nobody said nothing about the haunting after three weeks. “We kind of put in all of our money in this house,” her dad said, replying to her grandma with a tone of regret in his words. “Sell it back. We’ll make enough money to buy a new house,” Jenny said. Of course they couldn’t do that because everybody else knew the history of the house, except for the new housekeeper.

“Are you sure you will be able to do this?” Linda, Jenny’s mom asked the housekeeper before they left for a three-day vacation to get their mind of the stress created by all the haunting. “Sure,” the housekeeper said, waving back as their car drove off. “Finally,” Jenny said. “Out of that haunted house,” she continued as her mom drove away.

The innocent housekeeper thought it was weird that they family would trust her to stay there for three days without stealing anything. Going up the stairs, she realised why they trusted her. Nothing was in their rooms except for some old clothes and old books, some which had started to rot. “This family is weird,” she said to herself as she swept the floor.

“Oh well,” she said. “I’ll have the whole house to myself,” she continued. “Those losers would regret every dime they paid me,” she said, laughing like a lunatic as she threw away her brooms and lied on the bed. Locking the door and switching on the TV, she was enjoying herself watching movies.

It was some time around 10 P:M that she heard someone banging on the door as if they were angry. “Holy!” she shouted. “They are back already?” she said, shocked that someone was knocking on the door. Opening the door, she was ready to give an explanation as of why she was locking her door and watching movies all evening. “I felt sick,” she said as the door opened.

Looking in front of her, nobody was there. “It was just the movie you stupid idiot,” she cursed herself. “No it wasn’t,” someone said to her. The someone turned out to be a kid who was lying on the floor. “What the hell are you doing there?” she asked angrily. “I want to take your sold!” the kid said, standing up and holding a knife.

“Get away from me!” she shouted. “Get away you crazy freaked!” she shouted again as the kid seemingly levitated towards her as she ran downstairs. “Oh, don’t be afraid honey, everyone goes a little crazy sometimes,” the ghostly kid said, chuckling. Nobody could listen to housekeeper as she screamed for help as her soul was being taken away.

Coming back home after three days, Jenny’s parents quickly buried their housekeeper somewhere deep in the woods. From that day onwards, they lived happily in their house without even a single ghostly occurrences.


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