Stuff that Annoys Me (Part 4 of Millions)


Hello, humans. Since I ran out of ideas (like literally), I guess its time that I talk about this thing again since the last time I made it was a few weeks ago and since then, many more stuff had been getting on my nerves and I was always told that to get my mind cleared, I must talk about it. So, here we go:

Note: This is just my opinion which is worth nothing which makes your “counter” opinion worthless too to me . It’s just for you to read (and comment).

1. Two, three, four-faced people

I’m sure everyone hates this type of person and question why on earth do they exist. Again, I’m not saying that I’m an angel or something equivalent to it but at least I know when to stop being an hypocrite and I will never use anyone to achieve something big in my life (and I had never done it either, as far as I’m aware of it). For me, these type of people are the exact identical twins of what some would call cancer. I get it if you are two-faced to achieve small things in life such as getting revenge on your enemies but some people are just too much. It’s like one minute they are even more loyal than those angels and the next, they are even worse than the Devil (this includes some politicians, presidents, prime minister, etc)

2. People who starts to use emotions in their arguments

I’m not saying that I think people shouldn’t put in any emotion at all but there’s a limit to it. For example, if someone asks you to give a talk about whether or not Feminism is necessary, they do expect you to share some personal experience if you have any but not vomit out your personal experience throughout your talk. I’m sure that many people want to listen to actual facts than to listen to you mumbling on and on about some sort of unseen ‘patriachy’ trying to hold you back from becoming someone ‘big and powerful’. This actually brings us to number three.

3. RADICAL Feminist

Yes I said it. RADICAL Feminists. Before some of you start to roast me again, I want to make it clear that I’m not talking about the old wave feminism. No. I’m talking about the radical ones and that’s why it’s typed capitals. In fact, if the whole movement went back to the old wave, I would immediately make an announcement on this blog that stating that I’m the part of the movement. At first, I don’t really give a damn about these radicals but then, it indirectly affected me. You see, my University recently had what I believe to be a guest lecturer coming in to give a talk about “Langugage and Gender”. It started off good but then, the lecturer went on to complain about how everything is sexist and how women were so oppressed they can’t even do anything without being judged by men. Therefore I would like to take this oppurtunity to do some kind of a ‘roasting’

First of all, if you start talking BS of course people will interupt you. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. I personally remember Donald Trump getting booed many times for trash talking. It’s not that everyone cheered for him. Secondly, this sentence is not sexist at all: “Man needs food, water and shelter to survive”. Your argued that the sentence uses the term ‘Man’ but not ‘woman/women” thus, it’s highly racist because it means that women don’t need food, water and shelter.

In fact, according to you, the sentence suggests that women doesn’t exist at all. Well I’m sorry to inform you that although the term man was used, it doesn’t mean the ‘men’ species. It means humans. In fact, the term mankind means: human beings considered collectively; the human race (according to Google). Actually now I have a question for you. Why don’t you the word human instead of mankind since you hate it so much. Or if you hate the word ‘man’ so much, simply use ‘people’.

Ok, that’s all for today. Bye.


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