The Night Class : Episode 14



“It’s only for tonight,” I said to detective, explaining why I was going to my friend’s house for the night. “He’s just too scared to stay alone,” I lied, saying that his parents went somewhere else for the day and that he isn’t allowed to leave the house except to have lunch and dinner. “Well, be safe and call me if anything happens,” she said as I walked towards my friend, Alex’s house. I knocked on his door and when he opened it, I was shocked to see that he was completely ready to go for a hike.

Midnight came and we got into his car and he drove to the University. “Well, here we go,” he said as we climbed through the poorly fix and unguarded fences and into the woods. I used my new phone’s flashlight as it was less bright so that people wouldn’t notice us. “What are we supposed to do?” I asked him and he shrugged, signalling that he had no idea. “Well,” I said annoyingly. “If we were to trespass a crime scene, you should have at least came up with a plan,” I said. “Sorry,” he said apologetically.

“Is it really a crime scene?” he asked. “There’s no proof that the rituals were satanic or that these Satanists killed the students,” he said. “I don’t know,” I said as we walked deeper into the woods and closer to the university. “Man, I had never realised how insecure this whole place is,” Alex said as we continued our seemingly endless journey. That was when the first shot was fired. Luckily for us, it hit the tree and especially lucky for me, the tree was barely an inch from me.

“Dammit!” I shouted at the second shot was fired, missing my by just an inch again. Since the shooter was using a silencer and the surrounding area was relatively noisy, there was no way that the cops who are patrolling the University could hear the shots being fired. “Raise your hands in the air so I can see them,” a familiar voice shouted at us. As the shooter walked out from the darkness into the spot where the moonlight hits the ground, I could see that the person was none other than Alice.

“What are you doing here?” she asked us and I replied, “I could ask you the same thing,”. “Don’t try to be smart with me,” she said and pointed the gun at her head. “Speak up or I will shoot the both of you here and nobody will find your body until you had rotted,” she said with a higher tone after each word, trying to scare me to spill the truth. “I followed you today,” Alex spoke up after five minutes. “I saw you entering the woods,” he said.

“This part of the woods is public property,” she said. “I have all the rights to be here,” she continued. “Well, so does us,” I replied before she had the chance to continue. “You will speak when I tell you to,” she said and pointed this gun at me. This time at my forehead. “Tell me,” had you seen something that you aren’t supposed to. “No,” Alex said. “Nobody fired anything and we saw nothing in the woods,” he continued. “Smart boy,” Alice said and took the gun away from my forehead.

“You,” she said, addressing me. “Tell me,” she said. “Why did you come here?” she demanded. “I got some information,” I said. “That the police found evidence of something suspected to be witchcraft activity in this place,” I told her. Her silence gave Alex the opportunity to tackle the gun from here. We ran away before she had the change to get up again. Suddenly, we saw that our ‘exit’ was blocked by a group of people wearing all black. They were chanting something in a language that none of us speaks. Standing still, the group came closer and closer as their chant got louder and louder.

We ran as fast as our legs to take towards the university where there are guards. “Stop!” someone shouted. We turned around and sighed a sigh of relief as we saw the detective running towards us. As she reached us, we told her what happened including the part about her mom firing shots and coming to the woods every day. “Well,” she said after we told her everything. “There’s only one thing left to be done,” she continued. The detective took out her gun and shot Alex in the head. Then, she pointed it at me.

To be continued..


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