The Night Class: Episode 13


I walked down the stairs after sleeping like a log and saw that Alice was sitting at one of the sofas in the living room. She smiled at me as I made my way down the stairs, to the kitchen. “The food is in the microwave,” she said and I nodded, to acknowledge that I heard her. “I’m going out,” she said. “Just wanted to make sure you are alright first,” she said and left shortly after. I started to have negative vibes coming from her as she was still smiling when she drove out but then again, some people are just happy all the time.

Reheating the food in the microwave, I found another note saying that my lunch is in the fridge. While eating my breakfast, I scroll through my laptop, finding for a place where I could buy a new phone. Having had the phone from my parents, I knew I could easily get one to make my job easier. Unfortunately, I had to walk for about 1 kilometre to get to the nearest phone store because I couldn’t call an Uber or something since I didn’t have a phone.

After buying my phone which was the same phone that I had and setting it up, I checked my messages that I couldn’t read before because it messaging app required me to use my phone. “I think there’s something wrong with the detective that you are staying with,” one message from a classmate of mine said. I replied back immediately, wanting to know what’s wrong. “Meet me at the restaurant in front of the university,” the reply came immediately. I hired an Uber immediately after installing the app because I knew that it must be something serious.

At the restaurant, I waited for about ten minutes for the person who sent me the message to arrive. “So, what is it you want to tell me about?” I asked him. “I stay a few houses next to the detective’s house,” he said. “Every morning, her mom will go out and drive take the road to our university,” he said. “The house is a thirty minutes drive to the university. She could be going anywhere,” I said to him. “Well, that’s what I thought at first,” he told me. “Yesterday, I followed her car,” he said and he didn’t need to finish his sentence because I already know what he was about to say next.

I went home after that I stayed in my room for the rest of the afternoon. I thought about what my friend told me. “Why don’t tonight you stay over at my house?” he asked me. “Then, we can go out and check out the university to see if there’s anything weird going on,” he proposed. Of course I refused the offer because it would be suicidal. I didn’t know if he would be going on his own but judging from the way he had always behaved, I assumed that he would. After all, that guy is the crazy one.

Then I received the text message that made me change my mind. “The police found somethings in the woods. We aren’t sure what it is but it looks like something related to witchcraft,” I knew that the night will be a long one tonight.

To be continued…


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