The Game (Part 2)


Alice screamed as loud as her throat and lungs could bear as her friend was split in half by the cold-blooded murder who receive pleasure by killing and chopping people in two pieces. Alex had to literally push her to make her start running towards safety as her legs were glued to the ground, unable to think for herself. The machete of course, managed to slice through her back, cutting it in half. Her laptops and assignments fell to the ground, getting soaked in blood that was dripping from everywhere.

They ran to the library but the door that protected them the whole time had been locked from the inside when the exited. Trying their best to break it down gave the serial killer to get to them as he stabs two people once and chopped them in half. Both of them still had the shock on their faces as they slumped to the ground, lifeless. Suddenly, the iPhone didn’t feel worth it. Alice, Alex and her friend who persuaded her to participate in the now cursed competition ran as fast as they could to the woods once they saw that their friends was gutted in half.

Knowing that the woods was the worst place to hide from a serial killer, they made their way to the cafeteria where they saw lights which meant there are people. Running into the cafeteria, they shouted simultaneously, “Help us!” and everyone looked at them before bursting into laughter. “Good prank,” they said, believing that it was one. “Halloween is for kids,” one of them said. “It’s not a prank!” Alice shouted. “Our friends are dead! He chopped them in half!” she exclaimed, trying to state her point. Alex tapped her shoulder, signalling that the murderer was getting closer.

Seeing that nobody was paying attention to them, they ran and made their way to the other side of the huge cafeteria, trying to get help. “Help! Help!” they shouted but again, they were greeted with laughter. Some even wanted to take selfies with them. However, their laughter was short-lived as the serial killer stormed in the cafeteria, and began the second part of his massacre. “Call the cops!” someone shouted as they ran outside, towards the guard-house. Some who couldn’t run, just lied on the ground or remained on their seats, accepting their deaths.

“Help us!” they screamed as they reached the guard-house. “Unfortunately, we won’t” the guards said, taking out their guns and began shooting at some of the students. Alice dropped on the ground, unable to take anymore shocking revelations as the night unfolded in front of her eyes. A group of students managed to take down the guards and opened fire at the advancing serial killer. Like in the movies, he was unaffected by everything.

They soon found out that there was more than one serial killer. In fact, there was ten. The robots as some students started to call them, seemed to be unstoppable. Some students climbed on the walls, in a final attempt to flee. Some of them escaped while some failed miserably. Alice was lying on the ground, sobbing when one of the killers came in front of her. She was about to be chopped into tiny pieces when Alex shot the killer in the head, killing him.

That was the last thing that Alice saw. She didn’t know how the night ended as she passed  out after that. Now, she’s stays in a psychiatric ward where Alex would visit her sometime. At night, she couldn’t take the feeling of wanting to know what happened that night out off her head. Sometimes, she would picture herself, being one of killers in her mind. One day, she promised herself that she would be one of the killers, holding a machete in one hand while pursuing after their victims. She was sure that her game would be better.

The End


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