The Game Part 1 of 2


The whole university never expected that they would lose half of the students in one night. It would meant something big if half of the students dropped out but it would mean something bigger if half of them was murdered. It started out with a simple game. A simple game of hide and seek with a little twist just before Halloween. If the organiser had known what lies in the University at night, they wouldn’t even had thought about organising the event. As for Alice, she’s just grateful that she’s still alive albeit everything that had been happening.

Alice woke up as usual that day. She had no plans of doing anything other than going to her class because she’s an introvert who likes to just stay in her room or the library and do her work. Every night, she would go to the library to complete her work in peace. Since the library opens 24/7, she finds it to be convenient. However, as she was walking to her class, her friend asks her if she would like to go to a Halloween game where they would be required to hide in the dark. Whoever wins the game will win a new iPhone so, how could she decline the offer?

“Sure,” she replied immediately and her friend signed them up for the game. She knew that she would regret it but at least she could tell her parents that she’s doing something sociable which involves interaction with real human beings. During class, she couldn’t pay much attention due to her anxiety as usual. “This is why I hate joining events,” she said to herself. After her class, she immediately returned to her room to get ready for the event. Having had her dinner at the cafeteria, she waited for her friend outside the library which was closed for the event.

After waiting for about half an hour, the organiser finally arrived and tell them the rules and regulations that they were expected to follow. “You shall hide in groups of five,” he said and Alice started to panic but her panic was short-lived as she saw that three of her friends were also joining the event and together, they formed a group that was determined to win the iPhone which they already have. After all, feeling of owning something new is always good.

After the whistle was blown, they had 30 minutes to find for a spot to hide. “Let’s hide inside the library,” Alex said. “Nobody goes into the library,” he continued and Alice agreed. They made their way through the backdoor and took the stairs to the top floor. “There’s a room in here,” Alex said pointing to what seemed to be a wall. “People think it’s only the wall,” he said. “But on second look, they will find out that there’s a handle sticking outside for people to pull,” he said and they entered the dark room. There’s a small window inside the empty room that was covered by wood as if someone wanted to seal it up.

“Ok,” Jenny said. “Now we’ll have to wait and hear for any unwanted movement,” she said. Everyone in the room remained quiet as they waited impatiently for someone to find them. Alice started to feel confident after the announcement that the first group had been caught. “At least we aren’t last,” she whispered. “Hey Alex,” Jenny said. “Did you close the emergency exit door? The one we used to get in here,” she continued. “Yes, of course,” he said. “Phew,” she said. “I thought someone found the door open and closed it,” she replied.

After about half an hour of waiting, nobody came to them. Someone wanted to open the emergency exit door but the person decided against it. “We are totally winning the phone,” Alex said excitedly. Suddenly, multiple announcements was made, stating that more and more groups had been found. Alice counted them all and she found out that there’s only five groups left. “Why does the announcer sound different?” Alex asked. “Maybe he’s tired,” was the answer that he received.

They waited and waited but nobody even came close to the door which causes them to be very excited especially that there was now only three groups left. “I feel that something is wrong,” Alice said quietly. “But that’s maybe because I’m bored,” she continued her sentence before anyone could ask her why. After five minutes someone said through the PR system, “Every group is now dead,” and Alice and her friends laughed, thinking that it was a joke.

“Ok, let’s go out and claim our iPhones,” Alex exclaimed excitedly and so, they left their hiding spot. When they got to the corridor, nobody was there. So, they walked inside one of the classes. Alice let out a scream when she saw body parts hanging from the ceiling. “Oh come on,” one of her friend said. “It’s just a j-” he couldn’t finish his sentence because the killer impaled him with a machete,”

To be continued..


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