The Cabin (Flash Fiction)

Many people say that once you entered the cabin, you will never get out alive but nobody really know for sure because nobody tried it before. Sure, some claimed to had done it to impress their friends or just girlfriends. When the news about the cabin reached me, I knew that as a ghost hunter, I have to investigate it. I have to know what’s inside. With all my equipments ready, I made my way to cabin. Since it’s inside some random woods, I couldn’t take my car, thus, I had to walk. Along my journey to discover the truth, some parts of me refused to move any further while another part of me keeps on begging me to stop, crying to my brain begging it to make me turn around. After a week, I knew why nobody gets out alive. There was never a cabin. Deep in the woods, there’s only a place for cannibals to get their fresh meat. 


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