The Night Class : Halloween Special 


I wandered around the bright and empty room, wondering where I am. I had learned that when people die, they would see some kind of light at the end of the tunnel or that they have these series of flashbacks about their life. “Before you die, you will see faces of people that you know,” someone told me before but I didn’t know who. The last thing I remembered was the thing standing in front of the bedroom door doing something that causes me not to be able to breathe. I had always wondered about why the ghosts were following me as I don’t remember murdering someone or something like that.

Besides, I try not to make other people hate me because I don’t like to create enemies. Suddenly, the whole place started to shake and I could hear someone telling me to wake up. I couldn’t recognise the voice but I had a feeling that heard the voice before. I didn’t know how am supposed to wake up since I felt awake but at the same time confused about what was happening. I saw that darkness started to engulf the space that I’m in. Something was persuading me to walk towards the dark spaces but I stopped on my tracks after a few steps. “What if I go there and I’ll see a light at the end of some tunnel which would signal my soul leaving my body?” I asked myself. After a few moments of thinking, I decided that I wouldn’t take the risk and that I would just stay at the now collapsing place.

At first, I thought that I was in the hospital and that I was dead. However, I soon realised that I back in the bedroom and that the black figure had disappeared. I didn’t know how to react, so I just lie on the floor, staring at the fan. “Are you ok?” I heard people asking me, waking me up from my staring. Then, the thought hit me hard like a thousand stones fell on my brain without killing me. “I think I know who the killer is,” I said and everyone stared at me, waiting for an answer which I don’t know how to explain to them, mainly because it was just a theory that I developed in my head, after being knocked out cold by a Satan or whatever the thing was and staring at the fan for a few minutes.

5 months ago

I was walking to my room back from the study room. It was way after midnight but I don’t have to worry because it was a Friday/Saturday morning which means I don’t have classes. The atmosphere was pretty eerie but I didn’t bother much as It was supposed to be eerie or else it would mean that there’s something wrong. Walking through the woods, I felt chills running down my spine. Flashing lights deep in the woods caught my attention, causing me to halt. I could hear a group of people chanting something but then again there was a karaoke station nearby, so I didn’t pay much attention. Still standing still, I heard that the singing started to gradually turn into chanting and the chanting became louder and louder as if the group of people is walking towards me. Freaked out, I ran back to my room and locked everything. Of course, the next day I didn’t leave my room at all except to buy food.

Present day

“So, you believe there’s an ancient cult group in your university?” Alice, the detective’s mom asked me. “Yes, I say. That would explain everything that was happening,” I said and everyone remained quiet like they were waiting for me to continue. “I’ll order someone to carry out a search in the woods,” the detective declared as the lights turned on, filling the room with light while eliminating the darkness. About an hour later, everyone went to bed including me who was still paranoid that the devil would come and take my soul away as I slept. There was no sign of entry so nobody called the cops but I made sure to push the heavy chair in front of the door to prevent any unwanted entity from entering.

5 months ago (The Satanists)

“Soon,” the group leader said. “Soon we will have enough blood to summon our leader. Our God who will guide us all into heaven. Our god, who will take back his righteous place in the throne of heaven,” the leader said and started to chant the prayer. The whole group followed what their leader was doing. They got up and moved in circles, dancing and singing their prayers. Suddenly, they heard someone walking towards them. Someone unwanted. “Who are you?” the scared person asked, taking out his phone and shined the flashlight at the group. The whole group moved towards him, chanting their prayer even louder this time as the boy stumbled while running away. For the boy’s family, they will never be seeing him again and as for the satanist group, they couldn’t believe that they completed their first sacrifice. “Where will we find another person?” someone asked the group leader. “Be patient. I have a feeling that I would be seeing him soon,” Alice said as she walked away, back to her car to drive back home to her daughter who was waiting for her since an hour ago.

To be continued….


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