The Night Class Episode 11

Note: This is just the work of fiction. Writing is not endorsing.

I don’t remember what happened next but i found myself back at the detective’s. Her parents was sitting by the bed, waiting for me to wake up. “What happened?” I asked and they said someone called the police out of panick and all that. Apparently, I had a panic attack and passed out. I went straight to bed after dinner because I felt so tired and somewhat dead.

I didn’t know where the sound that woke me up came from, so I turned on the lights, opened the window and looked around like a stupid idiot in a horror movie would. Of course I saw nothing but the knocking/tabbing sound was still there. Then, I heard the dogs barking like it’s the end of the world and that was when I saw the same black figure, getting close to the house.

I closed the window, pull the curtains and pretended that nothing happened. The knocking sound didn’t stop, this, I did the only think I could think of which is to wake up everyone in the house. I opened the door and was greeted by the headless figure which disappeared as soon as I saw it. Of course my scream woke up everyone who came running to see if someone had murdered me while they were asleep. “What’s happening?” someone asked to which I said, “There’s someone outside, looking into the house,”.

Then, everyone ran to the nearest window and saw the black figure staring into the house. I was sure that I was dreaming when I saw that everyone was starting to shake like crazy as if they were having a seizure or epilepsy attack as soon as they saw the figure. Panicking, I stared at the black figure, not knowing what to do. “Die, die, die,” I heard one of the detective’s mom said which snapped me back into reality. She was lying on the floor, shaking while murmuring the same words over and over again. I closed the curtains and quickly run to get a phone.

That was when the electricity decided to have a nervous breakdown and the whole house was engulfed by darkness. I couldn’t make the phone to exit the airplane mode which may be caused by some glitch or whatever. I shone the flashlight and see that the three of them and regain consciousness but they were lying on the floor. “What’s happening?” the detective asked and we immediately heard footsteps of someone coming up the creaking steps. I didn’t know whether I should closed the flashlight or whether I should aim it at the stairs but when I see the detective taking out her gun, I aimed it at the stairs.

As if there was some magnetic wave attack, the phone’s battery died instantly as the footsteps got nearer and nearer. “This is impossible,” the detective said to herself as we could now see a silhouette of someone walking up the stairs. On the side of his head, there appears to be what people would call horns. “Well, do any of you know any prayer?” I asked them as it became obvious that whatever the thing is, it was not human. “No,” they whispered back with a tone of regret in their voice.

The thing was standing in front of the room, facing us. Nobody could see its face but those horns and long nails were enough to assume that the thing is ungodly, let alone friendly. It pointed one of its finger and me, causing me not to be able to breathe. I closed my eyes, as my body was deprived from oxygen. I heard the detective firing a shot at the thing but I’m sure it didn’t help. In my mind, I started to pray to whatever God there is to make that thing disappear but it didn’t seem to work. Suddenly, everything turned white and I knew that I was dead.

To be continued…


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