The Night Class Episode 10


I went to bed after about 5 hours of staring at the wall, doing nothing. The detective’s parents were kind and caring and they didn’t stop asking me if I was alright or if there was anything that they could do for me. Although I rarely speak to people, I knew that I couldn’t just leave those two poor couples talking to themselves so, I tried my best to be as ‘talkative’ as I could, not that I know what the word means of if it really exists. Sure, I knew the literal meaning of the word but I had not known at what point it would take me to be talkative.

I switched off the lights and prayed to whatever God there is to prevent and surprises that might be in stored for me as I sleep. I woke up the next morning to the sound of a car starting and through my window, I could see that I was once again left alone in the house. Again, I saw the note on the table and based on the look of it, I was sure that the detective recycled the note from the previous day. The food was the same but beggars can’t be choosers. I reheated the food and ate my breakfast.

As the detective crossed out the words, “I’ll pick you up at one”, I figured that I didn’t need to go to the police station. I googled for a place to eat since it’s obvious that I didn’t know how to cook. I was sure that nobody in the house assumed that I could wake up early after everything that had been happening for two days straight. To be honest, even I was shocked but then again, being a university student, I had grown used to sleeping late and waking up early.

I messaged the detective saying that I will go out to buy some lunch. She replied back almost immediately, apologising for not preparing any lunch for me but I replied back saying that it’s alright and all that. I walked to the nearest restaurant that I could find but when I got there, I found out that it was closed due to some renovation or something. “Well, it looks like I have to walk further,” I said to myself, partly cursing since I hate walking.

“Someone else died,” the text message from the detective read. I didn’t quite believe it at first, thinking it was a dream, partly because I’m simply not used to here about so many people dying in a short period of time especially when I may know them. Looking out at the window, I saw a black figure walking across the street. My heart started to pound against my chest as the figure got closer and closer to the restaurant what I was in.

The black figure stopped in front of the restaurant, locking eyes with me. I was sure that I was very dizzy when I got up to run because a second after that, I saw myself lying on the ground. People started to gather around me as I felt my soul living my body. I was not sure what it was called, but I know I was having some kind of a panic attack for the first time in my life.

To be continued..


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