Hello, humans. I don’t know why, but today I just feel like talking about President John F. Kennedy. I believe it’s mainly because finally JFK’s file was released under Donald Trump’s orders. I was shocked actually that Trump agreed to order the files to be released but credit is due where it is due. It’s a good thing that he agreed to order the files to be released.

As you already know, John F. Kennedy was assassinated on the 22nd of November 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Although it was claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated him, some people have their own theories and the most popular is that the CIA killed him because of some reasons. Some even say that he was assassinated because he wanted to release some ‘alien files’ and to prevent that, the CIA hired someone to assassinate him. This theory seems to be more popular because Lee Harvey Oswald was assassinated even when police was escorting him.

There are numerous conspiracy theory about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Although most of the conspiracy theories suggested that it was an inside job, some say that he wasn’t assassinated and that he survived. There’s a theory that states JFK faked his own death to be the president of some underground society. Basically, this underground society is said to be controlling the US government and since JFK wanted to be President ‘forever’ he faked his own death so that it is possible. The theory also states that other members of the ‘Kennedy Family’ too faked their own death in order to replace JFK as the president of this underground society.

There’s another bizarre/ridiculous conspiracy theory which states that John F. Kennedy is actually Jimmy Carter who was the president of the united states from 1977 to 1981. Basically, people who claimed this said that there are way too many similarities (in terms of physical feature) between those two president (See the picture below):


If the theory is true (which it obviously isn’t), then JFK would be 100 years old. Although that may seem impossible, Jimmy Carter is still alive and as of now, he’s 93 years old.

According to the newly released files, it was revealed that the FBI warned the Dallas Police about a death threat that was made against Oswald. However, they did nothing and Oswald was successfully murdered on camera. It was also revealed that Oswald phoned a KGB officer in the Russian Embassy. This officer worked for a department that is responsible for sabotage and assassination. He made the phone called before killing Kennedy and to me, it is now obvious who killed JFK (conspiracy theory debunked).

Besides, it was also revealed that the Soviet panicked after they found out that JFK was assassinated. They were paranoid that the United States would launch a missile at USSR simply because they were scared that the United States will accuse them of the assassination. Since the United States wouldn’t have a president before the Vice President is sworn in the replace JFK, the soviets were paranoid that whoever in charge would just launch a missile.

Finally, it was revealed that the Cambridge News which is a local british newspaper received a phone call saying that there would be a big news from the US hours before JFK was assassinated. This is just crazy and I seriously want to know why it was kept a secret for so long. If you ask me, I would say that this means that some ‘powerful people’ already know that the president would be assasinated but refused to take action or they are the ones who planned the whole assasination, blamed it on Oswald by faking a call from his phone  to call the KGB officer or they simply hired him to do so and killed him to prevent him from speaking up.

Ok, that’s all for today. You can access those files somewhere cause it is now (99% of it) in the public domain.



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