How To Host A Talk Event


Hello, humans. Yes, this post is a rant that was not planned but it needs to be done because I’m quite annoyed, it needs to be done. If some of you are wondering about why my previous blog post is so short, well, it’s because of a talk event that I went to yesterday, in addition to my ‘homeworks’ which causes me to not have enough time to come up with a blog post ‘idea’. If you haven’t figured out already, I’m ranting about the talk event that I attended cause it was totally horrible, terrible and disgusting. Here’s how you should host a talk event.

  1. Start the event 15 minutes after the event is supposed to start. Some people just don’t have anything better to do other than staring at the wall, waiting for the event to start. They really enjoy doing it and when you give no explanation and don’t offer any type of apology, they would love it more. In fact, while giving your ‘speech’, blast everyone who questioned your ‘lateness’ cause who are they to question you? You are the speaker. They need to respect you cause you are the son of god or whatever.
  2. In your ‘speech’, start insulting people with different beliefs than yours. They simply love it. Some people even travel many miles just to be insulted by you because they feel proud when you do it. It simply shows that you acknowledge that they attended their event. Don’t stop even when people started giving you signals to do so. They are stupid. They don’t know anything. You are the smart one here and the other people are just peasants who are begging for you knowledge.
  3. To ‘spice up’ your speech, pay someone to be an ‘intruder’. It doesn’t matter if it’s completely obvious that you paid the person to interfere because people love fake stuff. The goal is to pay at least 3 people to intrude you during your speech and asking questions that are obviously planned. This increase people’s attention and the faker it seems, the better it is.
  4. At the middle of your speech, just leave and don’t come back. People love to wonder where the hell you are. Talks are sometimes boring and its a fact that people get bored easily nowadays. When you leave the room and disappear, the audience will have a chance to play the “Where the hell is the speaker game”. Don’t even tell people what to do next. This increase their participation in the “What are we supposed to do now” game. PEOPLE JUST LOVE TO PLAY ALONG WITH YOUR STUPID GAME.

Ok thats all you need to know about whenever you plan a talk event in a future.

Note: You don’t need to read this last part.

To the speaker who was delivering the speech at the talk event that I went to, if you are reading this, I want you to know what you did was completely idiotic. It was a religious talk and I agree that I may not know as much as my religion as you do but that doesn’t make you ‘immortal’ to criticism. I want you to know that it is completely unacceptable that you insulted people of other beliefs when you invited them to attend the event and it is completely offensive when you regarded the audience a being completely ignorant and leaving the room in the middle of the talk is not acceptable at all. Insult is never justified no matter what you might have to say to justify your insults. Just because you are the one giving the speech, it doesn’t mean that everyone else in the room is stupid, so stupid that they don’t even have common sense.

Ok, bye


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