Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?


Hello, humans. So, after completing my assignments for today, I was left wondering about what I would write for my blog post. Then, someone commented on my previous blog post asking if I’m Pro-Choice or Pro-Life. Living in a country where the chances of someone asking me that question is really small (except in some cases where I join a society of some sort), I had always known that the question will reach me in one way or another. There are some things that I hate to do and answering the, “Are you pro-choice or pro-life?” question is one of it. Don’t get it wrong. I simply don’t have a stance on the issue simply because I couldn’t make up my mind.

If any of you don’t know, pro-life generally means you are against abortion while pro-choice means you are generally for legalising abortion. Ergo, if you ask someone if they are pro-choice or pro-life, it’s basically asking them if they are for or against legalising abortion. At first, I wanted to answer that I’m pro-life simply if you ask me, I couldn’t convince myself to take away someone else’s life. This does not mean that I regard everyone that is pro-choice as being murderers. No. I fully understand why they are pro-choice which is why I am left with this dilemma.

Some people are against abortion but then once their baby was born, they neglected the baby and some even resorted to dumping their baby anywhere. This is mainly because they are not able to take care of their baby due to several reasons. Mainly, it’s because of financial restraints because they need to work to earn money. Some are too busy with their current life that they wouldn’t have time to take care of their baby. What is so pro-life about dumping babies once they were born?

Some authorities don’t even care much what happens to the baby once they were born. It’s plain hypocrisy. Pro-life doesn’t mean you only care about the fetus and not the baby. It means that you care about life. Life includes everything in this world that is classified as a living thing. Every life matters and that’s an undeniable fact. Yes, I’m including criminals in the list. The reason why I think so is a story for another time.

As much as I find the pro-life supporter’s arguments to be quite idiotic and hypocritical, I don’t fully agree with the pro-life supporter’s arguments. It is said that since women are the ones who get pregnant, thus, they have the rights to choose. Let me tell you something. I’m sorry but you lost your rights to choose when you decided to have a sexual intercourse (by your own free will) when you know you might get pregnant. However, in cases of rape or the pregnancy is harmful to your life, then I believe you have all the rights in the world to choose whether you want to get an abortion or not.

The idea here is everyone needs to face the consequences of their actions but when the consequences harm someone else’s life, in this case, the babies that may be left abandoned or the parents that will be left in a ‘tense’ state simply because they need to work very hard to support their babies. There’s actually a simple solution to this. The government needs to provide couples (married or not) with contraceptives, let it be birth control pills or condoms for free. The reality is many poor people out there simply cannot afford contraceptives.

However, it’s worth to point out that contraceptives may fail to work due to some reasons. For me, it’s simple. If anyone wants to avoid getting an abortion, simply just prevent the pregnancy from happening and in this ‘advanced medical era’, it’s very much possible. If a couple or single parent simply couldn’t afford to take care of their babies, then there should be a system where they have the choice to give up the babies for adoption. I’m sure there are many couples out there that wants a baby but isn’t able to conceive one and this would be a perfect opportunity for them to do so.

So, to answer the question, whether I’m pro-life or pro-choice, my answer is….. I’m undecided Pro-Choice (with multiple regulations). Ok, bye.



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