My Political Beliefs

Note: This is just what I belief in it doesn’t mean that I want everyone to have to same beliefs as me.


Hello, humans. So, yesterday I wrote this sentence in my “Night Class Series” :  “I was way more to the left than a woman presidential candidate who believed people are obliged to vote for her just because she’s a woman” and apparently, that attracted some people’s attention who commented (I didn’t make the comments visible to you yet. It will be visible after the post is published) that I disrespected women or something like that. I told you many times and I will say it again. If you are easily triggered by seemingly everything,  don’t be on the internet. One person even said that I need to apologise which is something I won’t do. I think about three people sent me a DM on twitter telling me to edit it out or something which I deleted.

Let me make one thing clear here. I don’t give a damn about your gender. If you are stupid, you are stupid. If you are a murderer, you are murderer. Being a woman doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of being stupid or being a murderer and just because you are a woman, it doesn’t mean someone need to hide the fact that you murdered someone (just an example). This also means that I believe everyone regardless of their gender should be able to be anyone that they like. If you want to be an engineer, go ahead and be one. Of course people will start questioning about your abilities or whatever, just don’t give a damn.

About a month ago, I took the political compass test and in case you haven’t seen the result which I published in this blog, here it is:

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 9.21.02 AM

If you can see, I’m left on the economical scale and way far to the left on the social scale. Being left on the economical scale means that I want the government to impose more regulations on private sectors especially on large corporations. More regulation includes making sure they pay their taxes and ‘punish’ companies that try to evade from paying their fair amount of taxes. I also believe that the government needs to make sure that the big corporations play their part in combating climate change/global warming and I support raising taxes for the rich and reducing it for the middle and working class. Why you might ask? Because I had enough. Even when I’m still studying in college, I have to pay taxes at such a ridiculously high amount whenever I purchase something (including services).

Sure I can still afford it but how about the poor? The prices of everything is going up while income plateaued (for the middle and working class). The solution? Raise the minimum pay and tax the hell out of the rich. Not everyone is fortunate enough to advance far in their life because nobody chose in which family (poor or rich) that they were born in and it’s the duty of the society to help each other. The government on the other hand needs to be fully transparent. They need to show how much taxes they collected and how it is being spent including how much the government spends. The national debt of the country needs to be shown to the public so they know why the debt is so high.

I believe that everyone is created equal regardless of their gender, race or religion. Being elected to be a member of parliament doesn’t make you immune to criticism. The public have the rights to criticise you in any way that they want this includes the rights to protest because they elected you. Whenever someone spreads a ‘fake news’ about a certain MP, it’s the MP’s job to prove that the fake news is wrong not punish everyone who spreads the news. If they can’t take criticism, don’t be a MP. Its as simple as that. The prime minister (or president) should not be allowed to spend money that is not theirs. This involves members of their family and there should be no such things as ‘special treatment’ for the Prime Minister (or President). If they need to get somewhere, they should be stuck in the traffic like other people. Everyone is in hurry regardless of their position in the society.

Ok that’s all. I think I’m getting into enough trouble already so, I’m stopping here.


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