The Night Class Episode 9


After the fire was put out, I heard someone saying that the death toll was about five people but nobody knows who they are. “I know one of them,” I wanted to say but I kept quiet, still feeling rather happy that I got my revenge. Then I saw it. The policeman (that I was sure that I killed) being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I could feel myself getting furious since he was clearly not dead even after getting stepped on by hundreds of people.

“You may all go,” we were told and I stood there waiting for the detective to take me ‘home’. “Had you tell your parents about all these crazy stuff?” she asked me and I told her why I couldn’t do so. “Here, take my phone,” she told me to which I refused. “They wouldn’t answer an unknown number anyway,” I said. “Do you want to buy a new phone or something?” she asked to which I replied, “No,”.

It never fails to amuse me that even though I lost my phone, I can still reach my family members, which is something I couldn’t do 10 years ago. In fact, if I went back to the past and tell my ‘past’ what humanity will achieve in terms of technology, I can’t even guarantee that I would believe myself. I turned on my laptop and started to message everyone that I know like a crazy madman. Of course, they were worried but then again, it wasn’t my fault.

Basically, since my parents have to attend lots and lots of meetings, they couldn’t make it until the weekend which was fine with me. “So, do you know any hotels here?” I asked the detective to which she replied, “You can stay here till the whole thing is over,”. Of course, I had to refuse the offer because I was still not comfortable living in a house with someone that is still classified as a stranger to me. To make things short, I agreed to stay at the house only until my parents arrive during the weekends.

“So, will he survive?” I asked the detective, referring to the annoying policeman that I tried to kill. “Maybe,” she replied briefly. I had always wondered about how the cops are about to show little to no emotional reaction when anyone dies. I had never felt guilty whenever a cop dies in action or something simply because they are stupid (to me at least). I had always regarded them as someone that is too arrogant because they think they are so smart but in reality, they aren’t.

“So, what the hell happened?” I asked her, trying my best not to sound sarcastic. “Natural disasters happen all the time,” she said. “That doesn’t explain the suicidal birds,” I replied, still with the flat tone. “Climate change,” she said. “Not real,” I replied and she gave me the “What the hell look” like most people would whenever they ask me to give an opinion about something. Since they would ask stupid questions, I would give them stupid answers which cause many people to initially believe that I was even more far-right than the Donald even though I was way more to the left than a woman presidential candidate who believed people are obliged to vote for her just because she’s a woman.

“Are you serious?” she finally asks me the question to which I replied, “No,” to avoid unnecessary debate. “It’s the ghost,” I said, changing the topic. “I don’t believe in ghosts and all these mystical creature stuff,” she said to me. “Are you an atheist?” I asked out of curiosity. “No,” she replied. “I’m a Catholic,” she said. “So you believe in talking snakes and all that crazy stuff but not in ghosts?” I asked her. “What are you? Hardcore atheist?” she asked me back in return. “No. I’m just curious why people refused to believe in ghosts but they believe in many other things that seem way more bizarre than ghosts or paranormal hauntings,” I said and that was when every door was shut closed and we heard the same singing, “I will always keep you company”

To be continued…



4 thoughts on “The Night Class Episode 9

  1. It’s disgusting how you are disrespecting women and some people are making fun of it. You need to make an official apology statement


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