The Night Class Episode 8


Some of them tried to open the door but none of them could do so. They started kicking and everything but nothing worked. “Come with me,” someone said. “I will keep you all company,” the voice said again, sending chills down my bones.

“This is all a bad dream,” someone said as he was sitting on the table for whatever reason. I had always hated it when someone just lay down, waiting for death to come as if there’s nothing they could do. However, I soon found out that the person was just living in a ‘dream world’ where he thought that in life, nothing bad really happens.

“I don’t want to die here,” someone else said and that was when the lights burst into million pieces like they always do in horror movies. I started to feel bored, bored about how everything was now clichéd and that’s nothing I could do about it except to play along with the ‘game’. It occurred to me probably if I do something completely random, I would get away from the whole game but I decided to just sit down calmly and wait for something else to happen.

At first, it seems like the whole commotion was over because the whole scary giggling crap was over and someone managed to open all the doors. As usual, people will start to be over-confident whenever they managed to overcome a small piece of a problem no matter how easy to overcome the problem is. Nothing happened for an hour or so and I meant it literally since we just sat at our places, waiting to be called or addressed by the cops but as usual, they were all too busy finding a culprit that doesn’t exist. I had always found it weird about how the majority of people could believe in God but not in ghosts or spirits. After all, the human eye can’t see both of them.

After waiting for what felt like 10 minutes or so, one of the police officers who I believed was in charge of us (the people), began to tell everyone to relax and that he would ‘summon’ us one by one to be questioned by the detectives, again. “What’s the point of it all?” I felt like asking the question but I didn’t because I was such an introvert who just wished that I can go home to sleep or something. Then I realised that I had not even texted a single message to my family members to inform them about the incidents that had been happening. I reached for my phone, unlocked it and I heard the announcement, “We would like you to surrender your tabs, phones or laptops to the main counter. You will be able to collect them after the detectives had questioned you,”

“Goddammit,” I sighed and started to queue up to ‘surrender’ my phone. “Here’s the number the policeman said as he handed me a laminated small piece of paper with the number “40” written on it. “Present it to take your phone before leaving,” he said as I handed him my phone. It slipped his hands and dropped to the floor. “Ffff…” I said, trying to stop myself from cursing out loud. “I’m so sorry,” he said, picking it up and placing it in a transparent plastic bag like nothing happened. “Next!” he said and I moved aside before I was able to strangle him. I was sure that the screen was cracked although there was a probability that the screen protector was the one that cracked.

I sat down impatiently as I couldn’t get the thought of strangling the policeman out of my head. Then the ‘second wave’ of the attack came. At first, it got dark because the sun was shaded by the clouds as it was about to rain. Nobody saw the piece of metal heading for the window as it flew right towards the window and shattering it to pieces. It started with small pieces of metal and stones but then, birds starting to ‘commit suicide’ as they flew straight towards either the windows or through the opened door and straight to the walls. In a stupid attempt to prevent more birds from ‘committing suicide’, some of the policemen started to frantically close and lock the doors.

The first lighting missed a car by about a few inches but it sent alarms blaring like crazy. The second one hits the tree which causes it to catch fire that someone managed to spread to the police station. Instantly, everyone started to run out and banged on the locked door. It was obviously a stampede. Then, I saw the policeman who dropped my phone. “Kill him,” someone whispered in my ear. As the whole crowd by pushing everyone, I charged towards him and pushed him to the ground. As I walked outside to safety, I saw him lying down on the ground, with a pool of blood around him. He’s dead. So what?

To be continued…


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