Murder : A Short Story

Note: This is just the work of fiction. 

“Surely many had heard about the world murder but how many of you really knows what murder means? Generally, murder is regarded as the act of taking away someone else’s life without their will,” my English lecturer started talking as the class begins. Sometimes I wondered why anyone would bother to really know what a word means. “Yes, Alex, what’s your question?” my lecturer asked another student that was raising her hand. 

“Does that mean God is a murderer too?” she asked. The whole class started to burst into laughter as the lecturer gave her the ‘Are you for real’ look. As she was someone who would ask weird questions other wouldn’t, I already expected her to ask that question. “Why do you think so?” the lecturer asked. “Nobody wants to die, even when it’s natural death,” Alex replied and it was clear that the lecturer was annoyed. 

Everyone knew that our lecturer is a staunch Catholic so, questioning God would make her furious. “Don’t you want to be in heaven?” the lecturer asked back. “No,” Alex replied. The afternoon bell rang, indicating that the class was over. “Well what do you think?” she asked me after class. “Think about what?” I asked back. “Is god a murderer?” she said. “Who knows,” I answered as we entered the next class. 

In history class, we learned about the First World War which is allegedly the war to end all wars. Ironically, it directly lead to the events that would trigger the Second World War. “All those people,” Alex said. “They were murdered,” she continued. I paid little attention to what she was talking about as usual. “Some people just have another way of viewing the world,” I said to myself in an effort to stop myself from being annoyed. 

“Yes? Any questions, Alex?” The history asked, waking me up from my day dreaming although it wasn’t me who was summoned. “They are all murdered aren’t they?” she asked the lecturer who replied by nodding his head. “Did god murdered them?” she asked him. “No,” he said. “Because God isn’t real,” he continued. That was probably not the answer she was expecting for but at least she stopped asking anymore weird questions. 

Suddenly, she said, “In that case, say hi to whoever that is waiting for your at the other side,” and before anyone could see what was happening, she took out a gun and murdered the lecturer. I was sure that she went along and shot some other people because I heard a few more shots being fired. “Don’t worry about me,” she said to me. “When the police comes, I’ll just say ‘God murders people too’,” she said to me and walked out of the lecturer hall like nothing happened. That was the last time anyone saw her. 


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