Just Some Random Thoughts


Hello, humans. Like most of my posts, this is also something that I had always wanted to do because it had always been in my mind for so long. However, I didn’t want to ‘share’ it out because so many people had become ‘snowflakes’ these days.

Note: This is only my opinion, obviously.  If you are easily offended by simple stuff that goes beyond your beliefs, close the tab and do something else.

1. Why does some people think that just because someone is an atheist, they are the spawn of the devil? I mean whenever I hear speeches which may have some religious elements in it which is delivered by certain someone with certain beliefs, the first thing that I would normally hear is, “Atheists are bad people. They are just evil,” and every time they say that, the only question in my mind is, “What the hell are you talking about?”

I mean I am not a perfect person but what is so religious about calling someone evil just because they don’t have the same beliefs as you? I am sure that no holy scripture will tell their followers to go ahead and insult anyone with beliefs that’s different than yours. It’s just stupid, really. Imagine if you are starting a new company and one person tells you that they doesn’t believe that your company will do well so, they didn’t want to invest in your company. What would you do? Would you insult them or would you try to convince them that your company will be the best company ever?

2. Why does some people thinks that just because a group of people (big or small) has a different ideology than them, it makes that group totally evil. Well, I guess that if a certain group of people supports a political party that discriminates the poor and oppresses the minority or something like that then maybe it is justified that you called them evil or satan.

However, I think that everyone should remember that people does a certain thing for a reason. While a small group of people might not give a damn about the ideologies of a certain political party, others that supports it are completely aware of it. I mean, its normal that people doesn’t have the same political beliefs as you but that doesn’t really make you less evil than them. In fact, through their eyes, you are the evil one.

The same goes for ideologies. You cannot simply force people to have the same ideologies as you. It’s just wrong. Sure somethings are bad but maybe they do it for a reason. In fact, if you really care that much, you might as well sit next to them and ask them why they have such beliefs and how you can somehow convince them to change their mind about certain things. Calling them evil or the spawn of satan will make them angrier and when they win, you will find 100 reasons why you lose and somehow none of it is your fault. That just doesn’t make sense.

Ok, thats all. Thank you for reading.


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