The Night Class Episode 7


I expected everything to disappear like they always do but it didn’t. The headless body continued to make its way down the stairs, causing me to take a knife that was inside a conveniently left opened. Having not used a knife to attack someone before, I didn’t have an idea of what I was supposed to do. The head on the floor was smiling as if it knew that I was doomed.

“When you don’t know what to do in an emergency, something completely random will save your life,” someone said to me once in a survival talk. I had always regarded it as being useless therefore I didn’t pay much attention to the talk, which causes me not to know what exactly the speaker meant when she said ‘random’. Knowing that I wouldn’t stand a chance with a huge headless figure, I concluded that if the head and the body is somehow connected, I might as well stab the head.

I took the head and stabbed it when the knife but nothing happened. “You can’t hurt ghosts, idiot,” it said to me. “But they can hurt you,” it said in a gigglish voice. The thing was getting nearer therefore, I decided to just use its head against it. It stopped on its track as a result of being hit by its own head. Even though everything seemed like a stupid, ridiculous movie, I was still too scared to move. Expecting it to come closer, I held the knife in front of me.

However, it didn’t move anymore and stood at the kitchen door as if it was stalking me except it was missing a head and therefore a pair of working eyes. As if it was some kind of a competition, I stared at it back. After about 2 minutes, it suddenly disappeared. “I must be losing my mind,” I said to myself, still trying to convince my brain that I was just imagining things. I placed the knife on the kitchen counter just in case it came back.

While eating my food, I couldn’t take my mind off the fact that if I was in fact not imagining things, it means that the ghost is following me. Even when it seemed like I lost my appetite but I still managed to finish the food mainly because I was too hungry. About 40 minutes later, the detective came home to take me to the police station. She didn’t question the knife that was not in the drawer, thus, I assumed that it was normal for someone to be as paranoid as me.

“I always need to adjust the rearview mirror,” she said to me after starting the car engine. I knew what I would saw at the back seats so, when I saw the same figure, this time holding its head at the back, I didn’t react at all. After reaching the police station, I could see some of my classmates waiting at what seemed to be the common area.

I sat beside the person who was supposed to go to the hotel with me. “Did you hear about the lecturer?” he asked me. “No,” I said. “What happened?” I asked. “I heard stories that she was found dead in her car a few metres from the school. The police think that she was speeding when the car crashed into the trees. What they don’t know is why her head is detached from her body,” he said and due to being used to all the unexpected murders, I said nothing.

“Do you think it followed us here?” he asked me and before I could tell him not to ask such questions, all the doors were slammed shut and we knew that whoever or whatever the paranormal thing is, it was now at the police station. Some people started to scream and the cops started to tell them to calm down saying that it’s something normal. Nevertheless. judging from their facial expression, I knew that it was not normal.

Some of them tried to open the door but none of them could do so. They started kicking and everything but nothing worked. “Come with me,” someone said. “I will keep you all company,” the voice said again, sending chills down my bones.

To be continued…



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