True Horror Stories: Friday the 13th Special

Hello, humans. As much as I don’t believe in superstitions, I still feel that the idea that a certain group of people will find some days to be horrifying and terrifying as something unique. Therefore, here’s some ‘true horror stories’. Some are my real experience and some are based on what I heard. Every story will be in the first person point of view and although I said it’s based on a true story, just regard it as being a work of fiction. 

Story 1*

There was once when I had to do a late night class because the students wanted me to do an extra class. Since everyone including myself was so busy, we had to do it at night and everyone was ok with it. As I was teaching, I saw a student walking into the class. 

Something in my mind said that I should pay no attention to the student but it’s no right to do so since I was a teacher. I just continued to teaching while occasionally glancing at the student who seemed to be holding a pen. However he wasn’t writing anything. At the end of the class, as I was taking the student’s attendance, I realised that I had never called out his name. Pointing towards where he was sitting, I said, “And you? What’s your name?”

The class went silent as if I said something bad. The looked at each other and then at me. “Who are you pointing at miss?” One of them asked. I am the type of person who believes that the ghosts will follow you if you mentioned it so, I just say, “Nothing,” I am just tired. After everyone had left, I locked the door and the student was still inside. I could still see the smile on his face as I locked the door. That’s the only time I did a late night class. 

*This Story somehow inspired the “Night Class series

Story 2 

I was home alone one day because everyone was having their own activities. I didn’t particularly liked the idea of being left alone in the house especially when I’m a kid. Let’s just say I had one to many paranormal counters there and nobody would do anything despite me telling them to. 

Since I had just returned home from school, I went upstairs to take a shower. As I was taking my shower, I heard someone opening the gate followed by my a car entering the house. I felt weird because my parents said that they weren’t coming home until after 5:00 p.m or so. Then I heard my mom’s voice asking me if I had taken my lunch which I replied. 

After I took my shower, I went downstairs and saw that every lights was turned on and that there was nobody home. I was terrified but didn’t tell anyone because I know the immediate respond would be the cliched, “You were just imagining things,” 

Story 3

I had always been a fan of ghosts. When I was in school, my friends and I would always make tours around the school to see if we can find any graves. One day, one of my friend pursuaded me into playing the spirit of the coin game. Note: The spirit of the coin game is just like an ouija board except you write down the letters on a piece of paper and use a coin instead of a planchette. 

Desperate to make a contact with the world of the dead, I agreed and we started writing down the letters and soon, we were pretty much summoning ghosts. At first, I started to move the coin on its own but then something else was moving it. I could feel something cold touching my finger as if there’s someone next to me that was moving it. 

Then, I asked the question that nobody was supposed to. “When am I gonna die?” I said. out loud. The coin started to move to N then O and finally W. It spelt out NOW quickly. I could feel every inch hair in my body standing up. Immediately, every door in the the whole corridor opened and slammed shut on its own. You might think that I had learned my lesson but no. Now, I’m playing with the ouija board everyday in my room with my roommate. 

Story 4 

I could always see things that others couldn’t since I was a kid. Nobody would believe me so as I grew older, I decided to just keep it to myself. It was when I entered high school that things got bad. I had to transfer to another school because my family moved to another state. 

Some told me that the school used to be a place where people was hanged and I knew that my experiences wouldn’t be ‘pretty’. I started seeing more things then I usually do. People hanging from the ceilings, headless figures walking around and many more. I couldn’t concentrate but I didn’t tell anyone. Luckily, my father got a new job at another state and we moved again.  

Ok that’s all. Believe it or not, the last story was something that I really heard. And based on where the person said the she had gone to, I kind of believed the part of the hanging people place thing but obviously I’m no expert in history. Lastly, I just want to say that although some paranormal activity is just a part of imagination but sometimes I believe that it’s true. So, don’t do anything stupid. Bye! 


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