Hello, Humans. Ever since I started learning History in University, I started to wonder a lot about it. Like who wrote history or how history would be different if something happened differently. Therefore, I decided to just write down about what I had been thinking about in my blog because where else would I write it.

Note: This is just my opinion. Don’t take it too seriously and saying or writing about something doesn’t mean endorsing.

Firstly, who wrote history? As you know, if you go around asking people about what history is, they will tell you something like, “It’s something that happened in the past,” For me, this alone spawned another question, “When is the past?” Obviously, the past is something just passed. For example, the second after I published this post, I can technically say that “I wrote the article in the past,” although it would sound weird if I do.

Back to the first question, according to Churchill, “History is written by the victors”. To some point, I agree with what he said. For example, if I am somehow a Dictator of some random country, and I started a war and won, I would be the one who would write in history books about how the war was started and how it was fought. People in the future will see me as the good side simply because I have the power to manipulate their mind the do so.

People only know what happened in the past based on recordings of the events (usually writing). If a leader is somehow able to have total control over their citizens, the leader can control what the citizens know about their past. In other words, the person with the power is able to manipulate and ‘change’ history to suit their own purposes.

This has already happened especially in North Korea where they were told that their ‘dear supreme leader’ was born magically and somehow if you ask them if their leader was born through some magical means, they will say ‘yes’. This is simply because of the way that history was taught to them. It’s no doubt that whoever has the power, has the necessary influence to determine how history is written.

Despite the human mind being able to think about wonderful things, humans are only able to think about something that they had been taught or something that is in the range of their knowledge. If a society had grown up learning that in the past, their government had fought off the enemies and destroy them all, nobody in the society could be able to think otherwise because there is no way that they know what really happened in the past except through reading and studying the available sources.

Secondly, how different would history be if something happened differently? For example, one can argue that fascism is bad because, in the past, German Nazis had caused many casualties they ’caused’ the second world war to start. One can say that since the allies won, and the Nazis were defeated, people were taught in history books or in their daily lives that fascism is bad and everyone who supports it is ‘evil’.

However, if the Nazis had won the second world war instead, it could be that the fascist ideology spread across the world, causing people to think that it is good to be a fascist and that everyone that was against it is ‘evil’ or ‘corrupted’. If the Nazis had won the war instead, obviously the person who wrote history would be biased and write about how Hitler is the saviour of the ‘superior’ Aryan race or how the ideology helps the world economy to boom. In fact, some experts even said that Hitler had a plan for the economy that would either cause people in the German-occupied territory to live wealthily or in poverty.

If in fact the plan worked out perfectly and ‘everyone’ lived wealthily, then, people outside the territories would see the Fascist or Nazi ideology to be something good. This would cause them to adore the ideology and see Hitler as some kind of a ‘god’ that gifts the citizens with wealth and prosperity. However, this isn’t the case because the Nazis lost and most people grew up thinking about how bad the Fascist ideology was and that it was ‘evil’.

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