Just Some Rant



Hello, Humans. If some of you had been following me on Twitter, you might have known that I was in an angry mood. Well, if you are as curious as a cat that didn’t die, you might want to know why. You are in luck because this rant will tell you why. Before that, I am making it clear that this is just my opinion which you may or may not find interesting. By writing this rant, I’m just exercising my freedom of speech which is strictly limited.

Ok, firstly, it’s 2017 ok? The term miscommunication should no longer exist. Sure in the past, people will just pass down what they need to say to another person in forms of letters and all that but now you have the internet. There are thousands of social messaging platforms that you can use to deliver your message. “But people make mistakes you know. Humans aren’t perfect,” you might say. Exactly! Humans aren’t perfect. Why is why I find myself ranting about this is useless. Anyway, you have so many platforms that can be used to deliver your message that allows you to do it on your own without causing the messenger to misinterpret your message.

Secondly, citations are ridiculous. Just imagine if I give you a topic about, “Should same-sex marriage be legal in all countries?” and I give you 1 hour to come up with your perfectly written academic essay, you wouldn’t have time to surf the internet and find your ‘sources’. You will just use your brain and think of the reason why or why not it should be legal. Obviously, you wouldn’t have the time to search on the internet to see if someone came up with the same opinion or reason as you and cite them in your essay like this: According to the president of the United States, “You have to protect everybody, including small portions of the population” (Donald Trump, 2017). NO! You won’t have time to do that in 1 hour.

Anyway, the point is, I’m not saying citations is ridiculous because it requires time, I’m saying that sometimes, people tend to have the same opinion on something and it’s perfectly normal. Humans have brains and something people call the ‘mind’. We have the capability to think and to come up with some opinion. Just because somebody said it first, it doesn’t mean that we are plagiarising if we didn’t cite them. It is not impossible that someone can come up with something brilliant without searching for anything on the Internet. And it is completely possible that what the person came out with had already been said without the person knowing about it. It doesn’t mean that they had plagiarised their work, it means that they had used their minds to think and write a perfect piece of writing that someone will call an art.

Anyway, that’s all for the rant. Now, I seem to have a very interesting question that had been going on in my mind for a long time and it is: What is the meaning of life? So, today I attended a video lecture about the topic (it’s video lecture because it’s a video of people talking) and I realised that the most ‘accurate’ but not what I believe to be perfect answer was revealed to me by not the person who was giving the lecture but it was revealed to me by a cartoon show and this was what it said: The search for meaning is, in fact, the very thing that gives our life meaning, so, really, the only true meaning of life is finding your own way to enjoy it (Sussie, The Amazing World of Gumball, 2015)


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