The Night Class Episode 5 Part 2

Hello humans. So I was doing my assignments when I realised that yesterday’s episode of this series was too short so I decided to just do part 2 now because why not?

Note: Everything is fictional. Any usage of religious elements doesn’t mean that I’m endorsing anything.

As police cars started to flood the area, everyone start to demand to whoever that was incharged to let them go. “Everyone. Please calm down,” someone said through the what seemed to be the university’s  P.A System. “We will allow you to leave,” the person continued, “But you are not allowed to leave the city,”

Murmurings could be heard as people voiced out their frustration. “We are all innocent!” one person shouted. “Everyone saw the ghost! the person shouted again. All the cops who knew about the incident remained quiet because they knew paranormal hauntings is not a valid cause of death. “You will all be required to come to the police station tomorrow,” the person said again as if anyone was listening.

Since I don’t have anywhere to go, I quickly sat down at one of the benches and started to search for hotels to stay at. The person who agreed to go with me earlier was now missing as I needed to find somewhere else. As I began scrolling through the seemingly endless lists of hotels, the detective from earlier came and sat next to me. “So, you no longer have a place to go?” she asked to which I replied, “No,”

“Why don’t you just stay here,” she asked as if she was being serious. “I didn’t survive for this long in the planet to get murdered by some random ghost,” I replied sarcastically. “Well, I have a guest room at my house,” she said. “Maybe you can come with me,” she continued. I stared at her in silence. It felt weird that someone would just offer me to spend the night at their house especially if the person was a police officer let alone a detective.

As if she read my mind, she said, “My parents live with me. So, it wouldn’t be that weird,” she said and stood up. “I will come back in five minutes or so,” she said to me and walked away. I knew that I had only 5 minutes to make up my mind. I had only two options and one of them doesn’t seem to be something smart to do. However, I realised that since the cops wouldn’t be leaving the place until at least morning, I might as well sleep on the bench.

As the detective walked towards me, I felt a sudden sensation as if someone was breathing on my neck. I knew that I shouldn’t turn around but I did anyway. Behind me, I saw the most hideous creature in my life. It was smiling at me with it’s long fangs. It said, “Don’t worry sweetie, I will keep you company,”. Startled and shocked beyond my imagination, I ran towards the detective with my laptop and back pack still in my hand. “I will come with you,” I said.

A few minutes later, as we drove away from the cursed university, I saw something following the car from inside the woods. In my mind, I could only hear one thing, “I will keep you company,”


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