The Night Class : Episode 5

Hello, humans. Before I start I just wanted to say even though I said this series will only be on Saturdays and Sundays but I decided to just do it today too because I ran out of ideas. Plus it’s my blog and I make the rules. Anyway you can regard this as some kind of a 2.5k Twitter followers special. 

Note: Everything is a work of fiction. If some religious elements were typed in the story, it doesn’t mean that I’m endorsing or practicing anything. 

Everyone stared at the headless figure as it strolled into the darkness. Some started to think that they were dreaming and hallucinating as a result of being detained in the university for so long. Obviously the university will lose its status as the most secured university in the region but although it is never said, some people are more concerned if a place is haunted before stepping in. 

I was sure that by the morning, the students would flood their social media with news of headless figures everywhere. Some would even start to write fictional news/stories to get more attention. A small portion of over creative and ‘no better job to do’ students will even start to write eroticas about the ghosts that they saw. It sounds ridiculous, digusting and surreal, but it’s true. People do it all the time. Some prefer to call it fan-fiction or even creepy pastas. Nevertheless, for me nothing is creepy about two ghosts falling in love with each other. 

I sat back at my place without anything to do. That was when the whole cafeteria started to shake like armageddon was taking place and everyone became screaming and running for their lives albeit nothing to be scared about. Pieces of the light blubs started to fall on the ground as it was smashed into pieces. Soon, a stampede started as groups of students starting making their way out of the cafeteria. 

As they got outside, I saw the cops dragging some of the students who fell out of the building. I remained inside despite people calling and shouting my name to get out. I had seen enough horror movies to know that it was only an illusion. Nevertheless, I still got out. As soon as we got far enough from the the building, a loud screaming and be heard and windows was smashed immediately. 

I realised then that no matter where we go, the ghosts that was haunting us will not stop its haunt until everyone was dead. Ambulances and more police started to come rushing in as early signs of dawn started to show. Even then, everyone knew that the night is far from over. 


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