The Night Class Episode 4

Everyone remained quiet mainly because they were scared. Scared of getting killed next. Those who didn’t remain silent started a mini demonstration, demanding to be released so that they will be sent to safety. Taking out my phone, I texted the detective, as agreed. “The killer is among us,” I typed and pressed the sent button. A few seconds later, she was running towards the crime scene, shouting for the demonstrators who were growing in numbers to remain calm. 

I wasn’t sure myself that she could remain calm herself especially when three or possibly more murders took place under her watch. “I guess when you are a detective, you need to deal with unprecedented events all the time,”. Almost the sobbing, wild and demonstrating crowd, I could see that some of the cops started to feel uneasy because although nobody is admitting it yet, their presence were useless. 

Suddenly, I remembered the headless cleaner that I saw. I stared at the wall, debating on whether I should inform the detective who had called for backup about what I witnessed. Many people will find that what I saw was just a part of my imagination so, I decided not to say anything yet. As I slowly followed her to the least crowded place at the cafeteria, I said, “Do you believe in ghosts?”  

“So, you are saying this is the work of some unseen paranormal entity?” she questioned me back and by the tone of her flat voice, I couldn’t tell if she was being angry or sarcastic but I guessed that it was the former. “Sometimes,” I started to reply, “People will only find for rational solutions to problems. They don’t want to accept something that sounds funny or not illogical,” I said, with a flat voice too as if I was some philosopher who was passing down their knowledge. 

“What makes you think it’s the work of the spirits of the dead?” she asked me, sounding more serious this time and Intold her why. Even though she noted that I said it might be my imagination, she still sent out a couple of cops to carry out a search at the place. They seemed weirded-out when she told them what they need to look for but they didn’t complain.  

As three of the cops left, the atmosphere in the room started to change as people become calmer. It was clear that they felt uneasy with so many cops and the detective  thought so too so she asked them to go outside instead to which they obeyed. Out of a sudden, someone started screaming and I was already preparing myself to see another body but the person was screaming because of something else. 

“There’s a ghost!” the person shouted as people started to surround her. “There! There!” she screamed, pointing towards the window. From far, we could see someone wearing all black strolling down the corridor. Everything seemed normal until we realised that it was missing a head. This time, nobody was imagining stuff. The ghost is real. 


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