The Night Class Episode 3


The detective rushed outside but I stayed put. I knew that in this situation I need to be calm and just try to do anything I can to somehow protect myself until the whole horror is over. Being a normal civilian, I knew that there was not much that I could do except to wait. At least the police were already here so, the murderer would feel scared to act further.

Some may feel as if I was being too calm but when the detective came back in to inform me that someone else had been murdered, I didn’t react. Well, at least not in the way that most people would expect me to. “Where should I go now?” I asked her. “It’s obvious that I didn’t kill anyone, so can you let me go?” I asked more. She sat down, took a sip of her coffee and said: “I still have some more questions for you,”

“I thought it was over,” I said, reminding her that before the other person was killed, I was about to leave the room. “It’s clear that whoever it died four to five hours ago,” she said. “It still could have been anybody. Plus, we called everyone back to the university,” she continued. “Well, I guess nobody will be going home tonight,” I answered. “Listen,” she replied. “I am supposed to put all personal thoughts aside during investigations but I know that you are innocent. I just want you to answer this one question,” she said with her tone getting higher with each word.

“Do you think we will find more bodies? I think you might be right about the serial killer theory,” she asked. “Yes, you will find more every two hours or so,” I said looking at the clock. “Or I could be wrong and you will find another body now,” I said calmly. It turned out I was wrong because then we heard something crashed outside the room. The detective opened the door and she was startled so I didn’t bother to ask her what it was.

“There’s no point in asking something that you already know,” my teacher would always say. “Is it ever gonna stop?” she sighs and grab her walkie-talkie or something like that. “Well, officer,” I said. “The night will eventually end. But it cannot be morning forever,” I continued as I sat back at my chair. Ten minutes later, I found myself walking to the cafeteria where everyone was either speechless or crying.

I could see cars making their way into the university as students started to come back, some with their parents and probably lawyers. Since my parents live in another state, I knew that telling them to come would be pointless. Plus, the whole world except for us is sleeping. “What are they going to do when the press arrives,” I heard someone asking. “They were already here,” someone else said. “But they went back long ago,” the person continues.

“I had been trying to inform my other friends but they don’t believe me,” someone else said. “Oh my god, tomorrow morning I’m going to be famous,” another person said. “Yeah, I can’t wait to post this everywhere. I can play the victim and everyone will focus on me,” some other people said. “The world is sick,” I said to myself, sighing as I sat down. Basically, the detective told me to wait at the cafeteria although I was free to go because she wanted me to spy on people.

Part of me felt like it was weird when she said I shouldn’t interact with people much but then I thought that it was a normal stuff that detectives do. As I sat at the back where all the shy and quiet students are, I started to observe people. Cops were everywhere as they were somehow trying to protect us, the witness and possibly also the suspect. When the first shot was fired, I was still daydreaming but as people started to scream, I was snapped back into reality.

I got up and ran to the person who fell to the floor. It was the person who said that she was going to be famous. Someone shot her in the head and in her mouth there was a piece of paper. “Well, I bet you will be famous now”

To be continued…



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