The Room Part 4


“I want to sell my soul,” I said again as if the devil that was standing in front of me didn’t hear my request. “What are you selling it for?” it asked me. “I want to go back in time. To the first time where someone in the university worships a devil. “Ok then,” it said. “It will be granted but you cannot do anything funny,” it said, warning me of the consequences if I do something stupid.

“I agree to sell my soul to you,” I repeated what was written on some paper and after signing it, everything stopped. I found myself in darkness. I could see, feel or hear anything. After what left like five minutes or so, I felt a strong breeze that was accompanied by a roar that was strong enough to make every inch of my body shiver in fear as you would see a cat do when it’s afraid or cold. 

Then, I could see a group of people wearing robes, forming a circle inside a pentagram. They were chanting Something familiar and soon after, the ground started to shake. Realising that it was the same mantra that I chanted, I decided to hide behind some bookshelves that was still new at that time. 

Based on my observation, i concluded that the devil that I summoned and sold my soul to is one of a high ranking because although they seemed confident, they tried to fit themselves inside the pentagram. Although I’m not a professional, I know that once you step out of the pentagram,  the devil will get you regardless of if you sold your soul to them or not. 

“We are summoned you for a deal,” one of them said. “We want power. We want wealth,” he continued. I knew that I had to act fast to distrupt the deal. Since I knew that they used a chalk to draw the pentagram, I quickly find for something that could somehow erase it but there was none. Then I realised that I could push them out of the pentragram and since I already made an agreement with the devil that they summoned that it will only have my soul after I died of natural causes (not getting murdered by it), I knew that I could just push them outside. 

“So you want to sell your soul just for money?” It said to them. “Humans are all the same,” it said. “They are all greedy for something that is useless. Money is just paper stamped with some codes and images,” it continued and I couldn’t help but agree more. Before the leader could say that they agree, ran towards them while taking a chair. It was swung towards the leader causing him to fall outside the pentagram just enough for the devil to take him. 

He screamed for mercy and the other members tried to help but they were a little too late. Within seconds, life was sucked out of his body. When they managed to pull him back inside, the only thing left was a bag of bones covered by a thin layer of skin.  They were still screaming when I pushed another outside the pentagram. 

By now, they were becoming too scared to even move a muscle. “You can’t stay inside forever,” I told them to which they remained quiet. “Quick!” one of them said. “Send it away,” he continued. Before any of them could start chanting again, I ran with all my might and charged towards them as hard as could. I was sure that one of them dislocated their shoulder but it didn’t matter better in less than a minute, they were all dead. I stepped inside the pentagram and took out the piece of paper from inside my pockets. It contain the words that I need to say to tell the devil to go back to hell. “I own your soul,” it said as reminder. “But if you don’t send me back now, you can have it back,” it said. “Ok,” I said agreeing to it. We signed another paper and the old paper with my soul as the contract immediatey disappeared into thin air. “It was nice making a deal with you,” it said to me to which I replied, “Kill them all,”

The End 


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