The Room (A Short Story)

Note: This is just the work of fiction. Nothing said here is real. 

I scanned my card as I entered the room. Some call it the study room and others the chill room because one, it’s very cold and two, you can be yourself without any regards of what the society or community will think about you. The people inside won’t give a damn about what you do as long as you mind your own business. 

Since the Room is cold, many students would bring along their pillows and blankets to sleep there especially during the exams. Being in a university with minimal rules, as long as you don’t kill someone, you are good to carry on with your life normally. 

I went to the normal place where me and my friends usually sit but I realised that the sitcoms started to turn on. The lights and aircond turns on by censor. As people enters the room, it will automatically turn on. The lights was already on so I assumed that someone is already there. As I walked, all the airconds started turning on and towards the end of the room, I saw someone sitting at a table. 

Feeling rather weird, I just sat down and started to do my reading while waiting for my friends to come. The person started to move his body backward and forward. I ignored him because it’s something that people do. If any, it made me feel like he was more human.

“There’s a ghost in the room” I jokingly typed and send the messages to my friends who were still on their way. “Why do you mean?” one of them replied and I said everything. “What if he’s really a ghost?” he replied back and I immediately felt goosebumps all over my body. 

I looked to my right and saw chairs on the floor. I looked to my left and saw signs of people leaving in a hurry. “The devil will come…. he will open your heart….. and rip your heart out…..” the person starting singing. Since I know the song, I wasn’t reply spooked but then he stood up. I have to choice: to stay or to run. 

To be continued…

What should I do? Should I stay or should I run? Answer in the comment section below 


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