The Media is A Bunch of Crap


Hello, humans. So, since I entered university, I had been learning a lot about media since it’s what I’m supposed to learn. This includes some lesson about media ownership, media concentration, media conglomeration and all that. All I can conclude based on what I had learned is that the media is a bunch of crap and it’s true.


First of all, many of the news agencies are owned by the same people. I don’t know if anyone of you know this person by the name of Rupert Murdoch. He’s just a small old guy with net worth of 11.8 billion US Dollars and owns many media agencies like: Fox News, National Geographic US, Twentieth Century Fox Television productions, and many more. Read the full list here. Now you might think, “It’s the free market. Let anyone with the money own anything that they like. It’s their money after all,”

Yeah. I kind of agree with that. But when it comes to media, I think there should be a limit set by the government or something about how much media agency an individual or company can own because when it comes to media especially news outlets, it is something serious. Ok, now imagine that I am somehow running to be president for Country A. If I own all the news agency in Country A, I will be able to spread my optical agenda easily because people seem to believe what the media is feeding them.

It’s not just if I’m running to be the president for some country, it can be used to spread propaganda too. For example now that I had successfully became president of Country A, I will be able to spread negative propaganda about my opponents to suppress their ‘political movement’. Now I am not saying that only private companies or powerful individuals have the opportunity to misuse the media companies that they own but governments could do it too.

When a certain government of a certain country owns the media, they can use it for the own benefit such as portraying to the public that they are angels and the opposition is are the demons. Note: I am not creating false allegations against any government of any country.

It’s obvious that whoever owns the media controls what the public can see. The owner of these media have the power to influence how people would behave to a certain topic (based on the examples that I had given) and it’s bad. If some regulation about climate change affects my company and my company owns some news agencies, I can use them to spread rumours about how climate change isn’t real and all that. This is simply what many people would call media biases.

There’s an agency called HonestReporting who’s purpose is to protect Israel against media biases. Basically, HonestReporting claimed that Reuters is being biased in reporting the events of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Based on their analysis they said that when Israelis are the perpetrator of an attack, they were clearly named as the perpetrator and the Palestinians were clearly named as the victims.

However, when Palestinians were the perpetrator, in the news headline, they didn’t name the Palestinians as the perpetrators and Israelis as the victims. In other words they used a passive voice because in that way, the person who did the action (in this case the Palestinians) are not required to be named. I am not taking sides on any party here but to me, when someone did something, it needs to be reported as the way it should be.

Ok, that’s all. Bye! Follow me on twitter: @lucifuge88 if you want to get notified whenever I post something new.



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