The Night Class (Part 1)


Note: This is a work of fiction

I was walking back to my room after my class ended. It was dark because that’s the way it is. The university didn’t find it necessary to ‘brighten’ up the walkway because it’s a fact that the university is the most secure place in the area with top-notch security guards patrolling every area 24/7. Plus, the lights turn on by censor so, when nobody is walking, it gets really dark.

Nobody really knows why the lecturer wanted to have a class at 9:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m. but nobody dared to question her because almost half of the class failed the first test and it was a day before the semester break. The students knew better than to question the lecturer because they knew that she was very disappointed although she didn’t show it.

Some had noticed that she was acting rather weird for a couple of days but none said anything. They had always regarded her as an easy going person and she still was when they left the class. As usual, I let other people overtake me because I hate being the first to walk to a safe area. Despite being and claimed to be very secure, I was still paranoid because I believed that anything could happen at any time.

After being at the university for 3 months, I had quietly analysed that people who overtake me were either in groups or in a hurry to go and buy something to eat. For me, I take the time to ‘enjoy’ my walk because although it was dark and creepy, the scenery is relaxing. I realised that my walk to my room is taking far too long than usual.

“Ugh I’m so hungry,” someone complained while walking. I was sure that I along my 5 minutes walk, I heard about 10 complaints alternating about being hungry and tired. I decided that after listening to so many people being hungry that I will just go to the store to buy something to eat. As I entered to store, I was taken aback by the unusual amount of people there. Mostly they are my classmates.

After queueing and paying for my food, I followed a group of 12-20 people who were walking to their rooms as well. I sometimes wondered to myself that people are just robots who were programmed to behave a certain way only tonight we were zombies because most of us are tired and hungry but having a good mood because it is the semester break.

I looked to the left and saw someone who I assumed to be the cleaner mopping or sweeping the floor. I paid little attention because it was something normal in the university. I scanned my ID to open the main door and stepped took the stairs to my room. As I closed my door, a sudden realisation hit me. I realised that the cleaner didn’t quite have a head. That was when I heard screaming coming from the lower floor.

Immediately, people started to storm out of their rooms to see what the screaming is all about. Someone was pointing at something and being rather short among most of the people, I couldn’t see anything. I pushed through the crowd of 30 people or so and saw something lying on the ground. The something turned out to be a severed head. I looked in front of me and saw a sillouette of a person walking away. I knew it was going to be a long night.

(To be continued)


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