Hello, humans. So since I have my history class tomorrow, I decided to go through my ‘notes’ and came to the conclusion that the First World War is completely dumb. I don’t care what some of you might say but for me, it’s completely idiotic, moronic and useless.


As many of you already know, the first world war is the ‘War to End all Wars’ HAHAHAHAHA. The only ‘war’ that it ended is itself because about 21 years later, the second world war started the effect of the second war 2 is more devastating than that of the first. In the ‘great war,’ the total number of casualties is estimated to be around 41 million with over 18 million deaths and 23 million wounded. Frankly, that’s nothing compared to the second world war where over 80 million people died. That’s 3% of the world population that time!

Basically, the war started when Archduke Franz Ferdinand who was the apparent heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne was assassinated by the Serbian nationalists in Sarajevo. So, obviously, Austria-Hungary felt very angry and wanted to ‘deal’ with Serbia once and for all. However, Austria-Hungary was kind of scared because the Serbs were Orthodox Christians and the Russian claimed to be the protector of all Slavs. Ergo, if Austria-Hungary attacks Serbia, Russia would retaliate.

Fortunately, for Austria-Hungary and unfortunately for the rest of the world, Germany guaranteed Austria-Hungary that if Russia intervened, Germany would back them. So, on the 28th Of July 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and it kind of created a chain reaction which leads to the ‘great war’. On the 30th of July, The Tsar of Russia orders a general mobilization of the Russian army which caused Germany to declare war on Russia on the 1st Of August and on the same day, France’s Army started to mobilise. This caused Germany to declare war on France on the 3rd of August and the next day, Germany invaded Belgium to carry out the Schlieffen Plan. Since Belgium was neutral, Great Britain declared war on Germany the same day.

The Schlieffen Plan is kind of complicated but the original plan was for Germany to invade France through Belgium. Since Belgium was neutral, France didn’t place their army at the north because they didn’t think that Germany would invade Belgium. Since Belgium had a rather small army, the Germans were very confident that they would be able to ‘crush’ Belgium and ‘smash’ into France. Obviously, since France wouldn’t be prepared for such attacks, it would be too late for them to stop the Germans and the Germans will flank the France and its defences.


Plus, Great Britain would not be able to reach northern France quick enough to help the French Army and the Germans expected that they would win in 40 days. However, the small Belgium army was about to resist the Germans greatly because of their courage to protect their country. So really the real heroes here are the Belgian Armies. Since Belgium was able to delay the Germans, France and Great Britain had enough time to mobilise their army. In short, since the Germans couldn’t move forward and the French and British couldn’t move forward too, they started to dig trenches. This started the trench warfare where millions of people died to ‘conquer’ small pieces of land called the ‘No Man’s Land’.

For me, this is where it gets ridiculous because if both sides cannot advance, the war should have just been called off. Killing millions of people just for a few stretch of land is idiotic. In the first place, no other country should interfere in tensions between two countries especially when they aren’t involved at all. Then, there was also a truce called the Christmas Truce where both sides will stop fighting for 1 day to 7 days during the Christmas season.

During this time, they would be friends, play football and help to bury bodies. After the truce ended, they would start to kill each other again. I cannot imagine anyone killing someone they know. It’s just stupid. Actually, this is just a matter of pride. If one side wants peace, the other would think that they won and would start mocking and vice versa. If the war stopped after the Christmas Truce, many lives wouldn’t be sacrificed over a piece of land. So really the moral of the story is some generals are arrogant and too over-confident and sometimes, just swallow your pride and do the right thing.


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