3:00 am

It was 3:00 a when I heard the knock at the door. I don’t know how to react mainly because I lived alone in a huge mansion. Having watched lots of movies and reading many novels, I know that opening the door would be something stupid to do. 

However, I have always experienced something that is not paranormal even when I thought it is. I had done everything that I could to see ghosts. I spent hours at the cemetery at night during the weekends, hoping to see a glimpse of something, anything that would make me believe in the paranormal world but I saw nothing. 

The knock persisted so I gathered it might not be coming from the door after all. It’s an old mansion so, it’s obvious some parts might had been broke and is hitting one another. The next day, I heard the knock again. This time, it seems to me that here’s a patern to it. It would always be a long knock followed by 3 short ones. 

That was when I concluded that it might be a ghost after all. Happily, I took my camera and was ready to snap the picture of this ghost, waiting to meet me. As soon as I opened the door, I snapped the photo. The police only managed to find the camera in front of the door. The never found me. Even after 10 years. The only picture in the camera is of a hideous creature with a huge smile and yellow teeth. 


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