In Defense of The Far Right 

Hello, humans. Now before you start bombarding me with comments saying that I’m a nazi and all that, I want you to stop and read what I have to say first. Although in this post I’m defending them but actually, I don’t support any of The Far Right political parties and neither do I support any Far Left political parties. 

So, Germany had their Federal Election yesterday and the results were deemed to be historic as the far right party (AfD) will be entering the ‘parliament’ for the first time since the Second World War after they managed to get above 5% of the vote needed. 

This isn’t the first time in the ‘european history’ after the Second World War that the far right is able to win a parliamentary seat. In the Austrian Presidential election, the far right candidate almost won the election after getting 46.2% of the vote 

In the French Presidential Election 2017, the National Front managed to proceed to the second round of the election for the first time after 2002. The national front even received the most number of votes in the party history. In 2016 Donald Trump won against Hillary Clinton and the UK voted for Brexit. 

Many people who doesn’t support the far right will say that they are racist, sexist and even extremists. However, many people in my opinion failed to listen to both sides of the story. Many people who voted for the Far Right candidate didn’t do so because they support the candidate. They do so because they are angry and frustrated at the current government. 

This is because they feel like the government is not doing anything in preventing or combating the fears that they have which is currently related to immigrations and terrorism. In fact some of the current government doesn’t address the issue seriously at all which makes them angrier. It’s a fact that when people are angry and scared, they will move to the extreme sides (far right or far left). 

It’s a fact that some party had been in power for so long that people are getting bored especially when nothing is being done by the president or the prime minister of the country. When someone is in power for so long, they will feel that they are powerful and unstoppable, causing them to do anything that they want. Therefore, when a political party which had never been into power before comes forward to provide ‘protection’ for these people, they will win support because to the citizens, they might as well elect someone new rather than someone old who will never get the job done. 

For example, again in France Emmanuel Macron won the election because he is someone knew and many people thinks that it’s worth it to give him a chance rather than someone who had been in power who they know wouldn’t do anything. If instead the more Conservative party were to enter the run off against marine le pen, then I’m very sure that Le Pen would had won instead. In fact the opinion polls should her in closing the gap against the conservative candidate everyday. 

Ok that’s all I have got to say. 


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