Hello, humans. Before I start the short story. I would like to answer a question that someone posted. Btw, if you are German get out and vote. There’s still time 

Basically I need to choose between those people above so here we go:

1. Hillary

2. Hillary

3. Undecided

4. Hillary (voting for 3rd party is useless)

5. Hillary 

6. Evan McMullin

7. Jeremy Corbyn

8. Hillary

9. May

10. Bernie Sanders

11. Macron

12. Macron

13. Macron

14. Stalin

Ok here’s the story: 

I stared at the ceiling as it was the only thing that I could do. I wanted to shout that I still remember my past life but obviously that would be useless. Even after I had grown up and had gained the ability to speak, nobody will believe me. People always want to hear something that they want to be true. If someone has a different story than what they had expected, the person would be ridiculed for being a fool or ignorant. 

“I guess I have to live my idiotic life all over again,” I said to myself as I was lying in what I presumed to be a crib. The more I think the more uncomfortable I get. For many years, I had heard stories about people telling how they are reincarnated and being open-minded I tend to listen to their stories. However, I had never fully believed in any of their theory because I believed that even if we are reincarnated, there is no way we will know about it. 

Then, the theory about the world being a simulation come into my mind again. I had a feeling that maybe I was restarted as someone else or another character in an endless video game. Feeling sleepy, I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I woke up 10 minutes later to a feeling like I’m floating. That was when I realised that my parents had came to take me away to my new home where I will spent a few years of my life before leaving to college. Such is the circle of life and being nobody but a small element in it, I had no choice but to play along. 

I’m sure my dad said something, presumably my name but then I didn’t do anything. I started to predict how boring my life would be. Then I had an idea. To break away from the game all I need to do is to take control of my actions and do something completely unprecedented. I was sure that my mom was holding me when I decided to roll myself off her hands and fall to the ground. The last thing I heard was people screaming and then everything turned black. 


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