Lost Part 2


I backed away, as I saw my body hanging from the tree. I had always knew that the universe is a simulation but I didn’t know that I have to find it out in such a bizarre manner. I decided to just delete what I saw from my mind. After all, I haven’t got real food in two days, ergo, I could be dreaming.

What is dreaming anyway? Is it something that we do when we want to relax? Surely not? What about nightmares? Are they relaxing? Does anyone look forward to go to sleep, only to find that they will have a terrible dream that will affect their life? I decided that I need to stop thinking and actually find another way to get to the main road where I will find for help.

Since I know I was still alive, I concluded that the body was just a part of my imagination. Then it struck to me. “What if the whole world is a dream?” my mind asked. Sometimes, I just need to stop thinking so much but I just couldn’t do it because I am always curious to learn something new. I need answers to the questions that had been baffling people all over the globe.

Verily, I had been told that I cannot think too much because it is bad for me. People had told me that thinking too much will cause me to be influenced by things that I cannot see. Things that keep me awake at night. Things that causes people to go to war, killing each other just to show who’s the boss. Then I thought again. “What if I had been forbidden to think too much becauses there is something we weren’t supposed to know?”

Surely, if something is perfect, we can question it and still get a perfect answer? With all the strength that was left in my exhausted body, I walked to what I think was a light. “It must be the road,” I said to myself. Immediately, my whole body started to come back to life as I saw that it was indeed the main road. Every step of mine became faster and faster as I was getting closer to freedom.

In a few minutes, I found myself standing in the middle of the road, waving my hand at a moving car. Indeed. It passed through me.


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