Note: This is a work of fiction. 

The wind was caressing my face as I traversed the woods, trying to find the way home. Walking straight, I could barely see anything that was in front of me, not even my own hands. The full moon didn’t help much because of the mist. The mist that will cause me my life if I fail to find my way out. 

The winds were trying to tell me something. They wanted me to go other way. “There’s something you cannot see,” it said but I know if I turned around, I won’t end up anywhere, just back to where I was from 2 days ago. I was running out of everything. Food, water and courage but at least I still have my common sense. 

My head started to fill with questions about the universe and my existence. If I haven’t steered out of the track, I would had been in my bed now, in the comfort of my house. But instead, I’m in the middle of the wilderness, not knowing what will happen to me, if there’s any future left for me. 

Some say the world is created by god and others say it’s created from nothingness. For me, the world is a simulation. Everyone is just a character in a video game. We thought we are the masters of our own destiny but we are actually puppets without strings, lost in the woods, trying to get something in life when actually we don’t need anything in the first place. 

I saw a tree and Something hanging by it. At that moment, I knew that the something is me. 


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