Let’s Talk About Democracy


Hello, humans. So, in 2 days, I will attend my second ‘History’ class and I thought to myself that “I should do some revision” which is why you have this as the topic for today’s blog. Side note: I’m not a professional in this thing. 

As you all may agree, democracy is when the majority rules. It means that the majority makes the decision. For example, if you want to go somewhere to eat and you are with a group of friends then the majority of you will choose somewhere to eat unless there’s someone who wants to pay for everyone. Some of you may not agree but since the majority rules, you have to follow them unless you want to eat somewhere else alone. 

In a government, democracy means that the people choose the government and the government will serve the people. You might had heard someone saying a democratic government is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. You might had also heard some group of people in your country fighting for more ‘demoracry’. What they are actually fighting for is for more of their rights to be restored. 

There is no such thing as a fully democratic country because a fully democratic country would mean that there is not ‘law’ and no ‘government’. For example long long time ago in Athens, all male citizens will gather and vote on something. If you are a woman or a foreigner, you couldn’t vote because you weren’t considered as a citizen of the country.

 Although all adult male ‘citizens’ could vote, only 6000-7000 of them would because some couldn’t be bothered since it was hard for them to go to the ‘voting centre’. A law is passed when the majority agreed on it even when it’s stupid. That’s is why democry in Athens was also called the mob rule because a group of people will come out with an ‘idea’ and the same group who happens to be the majority would vote to pass the idea as a law. 

Now, you may sit down and think that “Pft, that’s in the pass now. We have elections and we elect representatives who have to follow the law,”. Well, I’m sorry to tell you but it’s still happening now. If you country uses the first past the post system or winner take all system and representatives are elected based on local election then there’s a huge chance that the ruling party doesn’t have the majority of the vote. This is even worse. It means that a group of people who represents a small group of citizens makes laws that everyone needs to follow. ‘Democracy’ indeed. 

Ok. Some of you are probably wondering what I meant when I said the protestors wants some of their rights restored. Well actually in a republic country (and those that are similar to it), the citizens agrees to ‘give away’ some of their rights to the government in exchange for food, shelter and their remaining rights to be protected. For example, a government might limit your freedom of speech but they have to protect your remaining rights such as the right to own and sell stuff or the rights to bare arms or whatever. If they don’t, that makes them a dictator. 

Ok. That’s all for today. Goodbye!


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