I guess that many of you will agree with me when I say that ads are everywhere. Actually, if you are not on some kind of an adblocker plugin, you should be able to see ads on this blog too. Some of you, me included might not even realise it until I went to my third “Speaking for Academic Purposes Class” where an article that I read tells a story of someone who saw ads everywhere.

So I thought to myself, “Maybe today, I can start to observe Ads all around me and write about them in my blog,” because you know, I’m running out of ideas. Anyway, when I walk out of the class, I immediately started to spy around for ads and saw nothing. I entered my second class of the day and still saw nothing. 

Then, I took out my phone (cause the teacher weren’t there yet) and starting scrolling through Facebook, I immediately saw 2 ads and I was even tempted to click on one of it. After the class ended, I walked to my room and saw around 10 ads or so that was sticked to the ‘pillars’ of the sidewalk. 

Walking to 7 Eleven to buy some food, I saw about 5 or more ads that was sticked on the walls. It was insane because I didn’t realised it was there eventhough I had been there many times. Going up the stairs to my room, I saw even more Ads and I was even more shocked because again, I failed to realised that it was there. 

According to what I learned in my Speaking class, nowadays there’s two new types of ads. The ones that I told you about is called the Public Ads where you can see it (supposed to see it anyway). Sometimes, when you buy stuff, at the back of the receipts, you will see an ads. That is because the advertisers wants you to see them. 

The next type of ads is the hidden ads which means that you might not realise that it’s an ad until someone tells you so. For example, you might see some really famous actors getting interviewed and they wear shirts with a logo on it. That logo is a company’s logo who is trying to show you that, “Hey, look! We exist!” and you will be like, “Hmm, I wonder what the logo is,” and then you google it or something. 

Another type of hidden ads is the product placement in movies or TV shows or sports matches. Sometimes, advertisers will pay the movie makers to place a product that they sell in the movie and the actors will use it and it somehow creates some sort of a reaction causing you to want to buy that product that the actor is using. Basically, hidden ads are more like subliminal messages. 

Believe it or not, it is a cheaper form of advertising but it is way more effective than ads on TV or magazines or newspapers because the ‘audience’ cannot escape from seeing the ad. For example, sometimes when you play a YouTube video, at the beginning, there are ads that you cannot skip. If you were watching a movie, there is no way you can know if any product is being promoted. 

Ok, that’s all. Goodbye! 


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