A Depressing Story: The Ending


Hello, humans. Despite the title, I don’t know if this is the end of the super long ‘series’ because I don’t really have an outline of what the plot would be like. Anyway, I will start the story by pasting the last paragraph of the previous part of this short story.

He got up and threw the axe at the window. The glasses shattered as the piece of metal flew outside the house. “Suprise, surprise,” he said. “I have a gun,” he continued while taking out his gun from his pockets. In a flash, I found myself lying on the floor, not being able to move my leg. “You are so stupid,” John said. “I placed you inside a psychiatric ward and you managed to escape. A whole terrorist group bombed the hospital and you survived,” he said. “And I will survive tonight,” I said and a second shot was fired. “No you won’t,” John said. “Cause now you are dead,”

John walked away, thinking that his objective is now achieved. Villans are always too confident that they had won. I got up and took the gun that was lying beside me. The first bullet hit him on his right shoulder. He didn’t have the time to protest when the second bullet impaled his brain, killing him instantly. “What happened to YOUR glory now?” I asked his corpse that was lying on the floor.

My house was a mess. Vases were broken, glasses were everywhere but surprisingly nobody heard anything including my neighbours. Then, I realised that nobody actually lives there apart from me and my two other neighbours who weren’t home. I sat down beside John who was now lifeless. “Now you know how your daughters felt when I killed them,” I whispered to his ears. “Don’t worry,” I said. “They are with you now”

“And you will join them,” someone said. Someone I had known for a while. It was my lawyer. It felt like 100 bombs exploded on me when I realised they shared the same surname. “You see,” my lawyer said. “We planned this for a while now,” he continued. “My brother had always wanted you to kill his daughters,” he said and I understood everything.

“We bribed the psychiatric ward to place you inside,” he said. “You see, once you are crazy, all your wealth will be mine as said in your will,” my lawyer said. It is true. Since I know something is wrong with my head, I wrote in my will that if I was ever forced into the psychiatric ward, my lawyer who is also my best friend would get all of my wealth. “You just don’t know how to die to do you?” he said and pointed his gun at me.

Since I had a gun too, it was a stalemate situation. I remembered all the tactics that I learned while playing chess. “If you know it will be a stalemate, wait and be patient. It’s something your opponent doesn’t have,” my trainer told me once. I just stood there saying nothing. “It’s no use,” my lawyer said. “Your gun doesn’t have any bullet left in it,” he said. He tried to sound confident but I could feel that he was not.

I said nothing but my gun was still aimed at him. My lawyer didn’t move too but I could see that he was getting nervous and impatient, probably regretting his move. “They always regret everything when it’s too late,” I said to myself. I stared at his eyes with the coldest stare that I could manage. I could feel my eyes stabbing him, causing him to feel uneasy. “Any last words?” he said. “Checkmate”

To be continued…


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