My Little Rant

Hello, humans. Today’s blog post will be very short because I am very busy plus I have actually mandatory reading to do. Don’t get me wrong, reading is fun but when it’s noisy, it can be annoying especially with all the shouting and screaming. It just awakens my psychopatic alter ego for some reason. 

As you can see, today certain someone is going to get roasted by me. I guess when you are shy you can only roast people on the internet without confronting them face to face but it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t lose your mind. 

So, sometimes people just want to get attention for some reason which they don’t deserve. I already touched on this on my How To Be Stupid post when I indirectly say some people will claim they are psychotic or depressed without any proof. It doesn’t count if you took one of those BuzzFeed quiz or whatever. 

So, this person today who sat next to me, she wanted to die badly. Every five seconds or so, she would say “I need my coffeee,” then she would say, “I need to die,”. A second later, she would turn to her friend and say ,”Ok, kill me now,”. Before some of you start roasting me for assuming someone’s gender, I’m 100% sure this person is a woman because she said, “I’m a girl who will die without her coffee,”

There were times when I want to tell her to shut the Frick up but then since I’m so nice and tolerant I said nothing to her in front of her face. If she really wanted to die, she could had just turned to me and say, “Kill me,” and I will happily say, “Sure, with pleasure,”. I don’t know. Sometimes people just need to realise they aren’t the centre of the universe. 

I’m not the kind of person to get angry easily but when I do, it’s bad. Like if you need to take your time at the cashier, take all the time you need. You don’t need to turn around and apologise every 10 seconds or so. I’m the kind of person who is just say ‘whatever’ all the time unless you are an idiot. 

Ok, that’s all. Bye! 


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