Hello, humans. This post is more like a rant that I need to do because these days things just annoy me so much and being the ‘quiet’ person that I am, what more efficient way there is to rant except thru my blog. Before that, you may have noticed something different with my blog so, don’t worry. I will explain later.


Note: This is just my opinion obviously. If you have problems with it, feel free to say nothing.

Firstly, I would just like to say that since I entered my new university, I always feel as if I am in another country. In fact, sometimes I feel like I am in another universe. Maybe it is because it’s my first ‘week’ here and so, I still feel that everything is strange. Now, to the person at Subway, I do understand that you need to ask people everything that they want such as what type of bread and all that.

But why don’t you just tell me earlier that this thing is not available at the moment so that you will make my day easier? For example, if the wheat bread is not available, you can just tell me before I tell my order that “Sorry, we don’t have wheat bread at the moment,” (something like that). I’m the kind of person that says the worker is always ‘right’. If they say something is not available, I won’t demand it but I will just take whatever that is available.

Secondly, every time I enter a ‘new’ class, I feel weird because I don’t know what to expect. At my old ‘university’, the ‘mass’ lecture consists of only 27 people (25 now) but here, if I enter a ‘mass’ lecture, I will expect to see 100++ people which is a shock. In my old university, I was able to memorised people’s names in just 2 hours but here, I will forget my ‘neighbours’ name in just 10 minutes because everyone would be telling their name and all. Note: I am really bad at remembering names but I will recognise your faces.

Since I had always been in a science stream class, I don’t know what to expect when I enter an art stream class and it turned out both are totally different. I’m not saying 50-60% different but, I’m saying 99.99% different. When I first entered my maths class back in my old university, the lecturer bombarded us with lists of ‘formulas’ and ‘theorems’ but now I am being bombarded by lists of books so I guess there’s some kind of a similarity.

Thirdly, when I first entered this university, I had never expected that I would have to do ‘basic economy’ in my head but it turned out I have to do it because everything here will bleed you dry if you weren’t born in with a silver spoon in your mouth. Actually, to not bleed dry, you need to be born with golden spoon in your mouth and in both of your hands. That being said, everything here is good. It just turns out that in life, you need to pay a price for something to be ‘good’. I had always told people that I will never cook once I entered uni, but now, I think I may need to learn how to cook.

Ok, that’s all for my rant. I need to train myself to write less than 700 words every time to explain ‘everything’. Before you go, there’s a huge announcement that I classify as good news for me but bad news for you: WordPress finally accepted my request to join WordAds to monetize my blog which means from now on, there would be ads on my blog. Therefore, I just want to thank everyone that had been viewing my blog everyday, making this thing possible. I know that some people need to wait for 2-4 months until they actually reach the payment threshold but at this point, I don’t care as long as I get my money (Just kidding). If you had been using adblocker, feel free to disable it. This also means that from now on I need to make sure my content is family friendly and all that. Ok, bye!

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