Big Questions that I have and I need answers to them


Hello, humans. Since my first class on Culture, Politics and Media yesterday, I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about reality. Therefore, in my mind (almost all day), I had been thinking about only reality. Then, I entered my Persons and Society class where the lecturer talked a little bit about reality and then in my Writing class, my lecturer talked about something which is related to changes in people’s behaviour. Ergo, my mind is now filled with questions about reality:

1. Is reality ‘real’?

I’m sure many people will ask themselves this question especially when you are curious about everything in life. Basically, people have a different social reality which is why they behave differently. However, how do we know that our reality is really ‘ours’ and is not someone else’s creation?

In the world being a simulation theory, obviously, reality isn’t real because you are just a simulation. But, how do you know if you aren’t a simulation? Even if you believe in God and that you believe God creates the universe and everything, you can still believe that the world is just a simulation created by God and that God controls everything even your thinking which brings me to the second question:

2. How free is free will?

Free will is the concept which states the people are free to do anything they want as long as it is possible. Of course, if you believe that you can fly, you won’t be able to do so. The concept also states that your life is your choice which means that you choose what happens in your life even when it is something bad.

For example, if you want to rob the bank, there is nobody to stop you from doing so. However, in everything that you choose to do, there will be consequences either good or bad. When you choose to rob a bank and if you get caught, you will probably end up in prison but, if you didn’t get caught, you will live a rich life forever (unless you rob like 100 dollars or something).

How far can you choose what to do? Obviously, you cannot choose to have superpowers but some people believe that if you really try, you will able to move things with your mind. This is an actual ‘thing’ called telekinesis which is essentially a psychic ability which allows people to manipulate stuff. Superpowers aside, sometimes you just cannot do something even when you want to because you just don’t have the ‘courage’ to do so especially when you want to do something ‘bad’.

3. How large are the consequences of your actions?

When you do something, there are consequences (like I said before). But, how much do you affect other people? If you build a house in the middle of the forest or something, will people in the future be affected by your actions? Will you build a house there causes other people to do so, causing the forest to be no more in the future?

If you throw a piece of stone into the river, will it affect anything in the present time or in the future? A piece of stone is indeed small and shouldn’t affect anything much or does it? Taking the house example above, I can easily say that when I want to build the house, I have to obviously hire people to do so. Hence, I would give people job opportunities and they will get paid and earn money and buy stuff. People’s life changes.

The bigger question would be if someone in the past did something differently, would the present time still be the same? If you go back in time and throw a rock into a river, how much of the future (our present time) would be different? Many people keep on saying that if certain people weren’t born or some wars ended differently, the world wars would be different. For example, a there’s a youtube video created by Alternate History Hub which created a scenario where the South won the American Civil War causing Germany to win the first World War and as a result, ‘Hitler’ did not come from Germany but from another country.

Ok, that’s all for today. As my Writing teacher said, “There more you speak (or write) the more you will start talking rubbish,” (Something like that. I don’t really remember what she said) which I 100% agree with. Follow me on Twitter if you want to get notified.



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