A Sad Story


Hello, humans, despite the title, this is not a continuation of my ‘miniseries’, A Depressing Story. It’s just that I ran out of ideas on what to name my blog posts and so, I plagiarised myself. Soon enough, you will see a title that reads “Roommates” because I have a new one and I’m already hating it. Disclaimer: NO PART OF THIS STORY IS REAL. NAMES, ETC. ARE A PRODUCT OF MY IMAGINATION. THE PLOT IS MY IMAGINATION. EVERYTHING IS MY IMAGINATION. NOTE: THIS STORY IS NOT FOR KIDS.(I guess I finally lost my family friendly title but whatever). Here’s the story:


I was walking down the road when something hit me on my shoulder. It didn’t feel like that of a human so, I just brushed it off as being some twigs that decided to fall on me or whatever. Walking away, I felt the same thing touching me again. “It’s just some more twigs,” I said to myself again and walked away. The tree was old anyway but I didn’t know that trees could talk.

I turned around at the voice of someone (or something) calling for me to stop. Then I realised that it wasn’t some random twigs. It was an old man who wanted to tell me something. “Something bad gonna happen to you,” he said. “Ok,” I said and walked away. “As if I’m living in a castle, with servants walking around, 24/7 available at my disposal,” I said to myself.

“Bad things happen,” I said to the old man and walked away. “This thing is beyond bad,” the old man said. “It’s beyond all of it,” he continued. “Like what?” I asked. I was sure that he replied with something but I couldn’t really hear him over the chirping birds that came. Turning around to ask him to repeat himself, I saw that he had disappeared.

Thinking that he left because it was starting to rain, I didn’t think much of it. After a few minutes, I reached home to see that nobody was there as usual. Coming from a middle-class family, my parents need to work from 8:00 to 5:00 to support ourselves. Eating my lunch, I flashed back to the stuff that happened in school, especially the part when my science teacher threw me out from the lab because according to her, I asked her an idiotic question.

Being the school prefect, I was expected to be smart and intelligent and asking those questions indirectly meant that I’m stupid. It was a stupid system because if I’m so smart, I didn’t need to go to school. I regretted being a school prefect because it meant that I lost the little freedom I have in school (not that I have many to start with).


I had always hated school because of the bullies and idiotic teachers but I still have to attend them anyway because not attending means I won’t have a ‘good job’. Somehow, being in a prestigious school, everyone expects you to be Einstein which I’m not. I had always felt sad and sometimes even suicidal but I have nobody to talk to about it. Plus being a guy, you weren’t expected to cry. Showing emotions is just not a thing.

Sometimes, when I lie in my room alone, crying silently, I secretly hoped for someone to take me away even if it meant killing me.Not wanting to think about suicide, I would start to write short stories of me killing people. Then I remembered the incident that my principal wanted to call the police because I wrote her name in a short story and I killed her in it. Some people are closed-minded and that’s what life is.


In the evening, I got my exams results and I failed my science test again. I know I’m dead. Immediately, I phone started filling up with messages of people asking each other’s marks. The class bully, as usual, got the highest mark and it meant that he can get away with anything he wants because he’s a high achiever. “The school can’t kick him out for that,” my counsellor said.

I lied in bed and closed my eyes. I know that in a few minutes, my principal would call me saying that I am now expelled from school. “So this is what the old man was talking about,” I said to myself as my phone rang and sure enough, I was expelled in just 2 minutes. I took out the blade from under my bed but I placed it back. Rolling up my sleeves, I saw that my arm is not full of scratch marks.

“Well, if I’m gonna commit suicide, I might as well kill other people with me,” I said and went to the gun shop that was just a few blocks away from my house. Purchasing the most expensive gun, I set up my plan. This weekend, everyone was going to some ceremony at some hotel which they thought they would be having fun but I was about to ruin it for them.

The next day, I went to the hotel and acted normally. I paid for the ceremony so, I was still allowed in although I was expelled. Furthermore, nobody actually knew that except for my principal. I didn’t bother to tell my parents because I would kill myself anyway after that. After a few hours, I went to the toilet and took out my gun. The first person to see me was the class bully who was bragging about his marks.

I shot him right in his right eye and he fell to the ground. People nearby who heard the gun shot started panicking but before they were able to get back to the ceremony or sound the alarm, they were all dead. I walked slowly to the main hall and everyone was dancing. I pointed my gun at my principal and she thought it was a joke because she did nothing.

When she fell off the stage, some people tried to push me down but I was quicker. I had been passive all these years to save my energy for this occasion. As the screams got louder, many people started running out of the ballroom and only my science teacher was left. I shot her twice in the head and once in her left eye just to make sure that she was really dead.

From far, I could hear police sirens. As I got up the emergency stairs to the roof, my whole life started flashing through my mind. I remembered all those hours of me crying alone in my room, cutting myself so that I could carry on with life like nothing is wrong. I remembered all those beatings at school, all those books that my teachers threw at me because I was too slow to catch up. I reached the edge of the roof, I remembered all those times people ridiculed me when I said I was suicidal. Now, I am about to prove them wrong. I closed my eyes and jumped. I regretted nothing.






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