A Depressing Story : A Twist In The Tale

This is what you have been waiting for. Be prepared. 


We walked away as the building exploded behind us. Dusts engulfed the atmosphere as screams of people were behind, as they see what was happening. “What do we do now?” Alice asked me as our glorious exit has not came to an end. “Now we get somewhere else,” she replied. “We can start a new life,” she said. “You and me, together,” she replied. 

“I will,” I say, “But you won’t,” I continued. She fell to the ground faster than the bishop could as blood started literally pouring out of her throat that was now smiling. “Thank you, my love,” I said, “For freeing me,” I replied. I went to my house which I know John now lives in to have my ultimate revenge. “You will die today, idiot,” I said. 

Looking behind, Alice was now lifeless. I had never liked her anyway, so, I don’t feel guilty at all. “She was trying to be the greatest,” my inner voice said and for once my brain voice agreed with it. As I walked further into the darkness, I could her someone asked for help as they found someone lying lifeless on the ground. “They will just think something few from the building and somehow cut her throat,” my brain voice said. 

Walking into the deep woods, I knew I had to come up with a plan. I found my way to where I hid the bodies that John was talking about. He should be talking about the bodies cause they were of his daughters. “I will kill you John,” I said. “And then I will bury you next to them. You will live together. Happily ever after,” I continued and laughed as hard as I could. 

Soon, I was able to find my home and police tapes were all over it. “I’m sure John is somewhere over there,” my brain voice said. “Oh, he’s there alright. Gun in hand waiting for you to come and end you once for all,” my inner voice said. Again, they were agreeing with each other. At this point, I know that there’s one person who will die tonight and the person’s name is John. Gun in my hand, and smile on my face, I walked into my home. 

“What happens next?” someone asked. “I don’t know, that’s the only thing that this person wrote in this diary,” the other person replied. “Well, that doesn’t sound like a diary to me,” the younger person said. “Everything written in it is real. The explosion did happen,” the elder person said as he closed the book that they found in the middle of the woods. “Well then, the younger person said,” I guess we need to keep on searching. “Look no further,” a voice said. 

To be continued… 


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