Hello, humans. Since I hate this clown so much, I thought that I might as well dedicate a blog post just for him. Quick note here, if he’s your ‘president’, your (ex) husband, or your father and you feel annoyed, kindly send your complaint letter here. These theories are for entertainment purposes only.

1. Donald Trump is the member of the Illuminati:

Obviously, every president, prime minister, monarchs and dictators are said to be the member of the Illuminati because allegedly, the Illuminati controls everything including your government. Basically, you are just living under a de facto government rule and that the real rules are made by a group of powerful people known as the Illuminati. It is believed that Donald Trump is one of the members because firstly, he’s a billionaire. While it may be debatable whether or not he paid his taxes while he was just a businessman, there’s no doubt that this man is a billionaire with a net worth of approximately 3.5 billion dollars.


Secondly, it’s because he won the election. Most political pundits were shocked when Donald Trump won the 2016 election because according to their polls, Hillary Clinton was always in the lead even with her emails and stuff. In fact, it was said that his victory was impossible because of the blue wall. However, on the election day, it was obvious that the ‘blue wall’ is no more as Trump won Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania which was always considered to be safe democratic states.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.47.21 PM.png

This is the ‘blue states’ (safe democratic states)

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.47.37 PM.png

The 2016 election results

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.50.41 PM.png

Polling data a day before the election. Source: Project 538

Donald Trump was also spotted doing the Illuminati signs during his speeches, debates and interviews. See the picture below:


If you don’t know, the hand sign is said to be resembling the number 666 which is obviously related to the Illuminati

2. Donald Trump is not in the Illuminati

Well, this is basically, the opposite of the first theory because Donald Trump himself said that he wasn’t part of the ‘establishment’ which is why almost all of the major news media outlet in the US was against him. In fact, it is also said that Trump’s relation with Russia is a hoax set up so that Trump would be impeached or forced to resign. Basically, if he isn’t part of the Illuminati, they couldn’t control him which disrupts the system.

Personally, I find that this theory is very interesting because although I believe that the Illuminati is controlling the world, something seems wrong about Trump being in the Illuminati because his actions both on Twitter and real life doesn’t reflect that of someone powerful. There always seem to be a scandal involving Trump and it was always related to Russia somehow because let’s get real here. The easiest way to get a president fired is to create some kind of a story that the president is having a relationship with a rival country. It’s a fact that the United States and Russia (Soviet Union) were both major players during the cold war.

3. Trump is trying to get fired

Some people believed that Hillary Clinton paid Donald Trump to run against her because she wanted to win the election easily. Many might not know but Hillary and Trump were ‘friends’. In fact, Hillary even attended Trump’s wedding. Therefore, some people believe that Hillary paid Trump to run a very ‘bizarre’ campaign in hopes that people will move away from him and vote for her. It was also said that Trump agreed to run against her to promote himself and make more money since he is a businessman. It was speculated that people won’t vote for someone that is that ‘extreme’ but obviously their plan backfired. So, Trump tries to get himself fired by creating the whole Trump-Russia story. In fact, it was also said that he came up with the ‘voter fraud’ story so that there would be a recount or a revote throughout the whole country in hopes that Hillary would win instead.

That’s all for today’s post. Follow me on Twitter to get notified whenever I post something new. I am still collecting answers for yesterday’s question so, you still stand a chance a win my book. My book is still not available in paperback version but it will be available soon and I will update you when it does. Ok, Bye!





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