Stupidest Short Story Ever and Asking You a Question


Hello, Humans. I wasn’t planning to write a blog post today because I was ‘busy’ proofreading my ‘manuscript’ and changing the ending 100% which is stressful and tiring. If you are asking if I’m going to eat my phone today, the answer is a big NO because my ‘manuscript’ is now under review by Kindle Publishings to make sure that I’m not plagiarising anything and all that stuff. So, to prove that I had indeed completed my ‘manuscript’ for my novelette, I’m going to give it to three person (by email of course) who is able to give me an impressive answer to my question which will be revealed later. Ok, here’s a really short short story:

I was walking into the room but something stopped me. I turned around to see that something without a face was standing in front of me, blocking my view completely. “What do you want?” I asked that thing and being mouthless, it didn’t answer. The next thing I know, the thing disappeared. Being smart, I decided to outsmart that thing by moving towards the door. That was when someone clawed my back and I fell to the ground in pain. To my horror, the faceless man now has two fangs that is ready to bit me. I realised that if I had just entered the room in the first place, I would be safe.


Ok, here’s my question (it’s very very very very easy): A man and a woman walks got into a train. The man asked the woman, “What’s your name?” to which she replied, “My name is the name of your aunt,” The man never had an aunt and the woman is not related to him. What is her name and explain why.

You can leave your answer in the comments or send me a DM or even by fill out the contact form if your answer is 1000 words long.



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