A Depressing Story: A New Beginning


Since many people had been waiting for this, I figured that I might as well write it. So, this is what many people had been waiting for, the ‘part 7’ of this story. Again, I don’t know if there would be any continuation of this short story. If there isn’t any, I wouldn’t write ‘to be continued’ at the end. As usual, I start with the last paragraph of the previous part in quotes:

In the evening, I got an unexpected visitor. It was a police officer who told me and Alice that since the suspects were still on the loose, we will be kept in protective police custody 24/7. After that, I was not able to relax at all because none of the gunmen were still alive but because the policeman looks exactly like John. As I was about to fall asleep after hours of tossing and turning, I could hear screams and shooting coming from downstairs.

I immediately got up and woke up Alice. The police outside our doors told us to remain inside so we did. At that point, I was seriously hoping that it was all just a dream and that I will wake up in the bed of my home. I opened the door for the second time and the police who was supposed to guard us wasn’t there anymore so, I knew that something was not right based on my many years of being alive.

Alice and I decided that we need to act and act fast because there was no way that we could place some kind of a barricade at the door to prevent anyone from entering as the result of the beds being immobile. Furthermore, even if it was, I don’t have the capability to move it since I was injured. “We have a minute to come out with some sort of a plan,” I said.

“It’s easy,” Alice replied. “We can escape through the emergency escape and run away to somewhere safe,” she continued as if it was a piece of cake. “There is no way we can go outside without anyone noticing,” I said sounding partially annoyed. “I had seen the place this evening. Nothing is there,” she said and seeing we don’t have much time left, I had no choice but to agree with her.

I took the sharpest metal I could find which is a fork which came from nowhere and we went outside. It was pitch black and if it wasn’t for our top-notch eyesight, we wouldn’t have been able to see anything. We walked slowly towards the ‘designated area’ but the door was locked. “Sorry,” Alice whispered and so we frantically think of another solution.

“We fight,” Alice said and I looked at her like she was some kind of a lunatic. “If we stay here, we’ll die anyway,” she said and I agreed again. We took the elevator because that was obviously the smartest thing to do. Shockingly, there was still power running because of the elevator work. We got to the ground level and saw many dead bodies including that of the police officer.

At the entrance, we could see police cars and so, we ran towards the entrance but the door was locked. Banging on the door didn’t work so, we immediately find something to break the glass which evidently didn’t work because it was not meant to be broken by anyway. That was when we heard some kind of an explosion at the back to the hospital.

Shocked, we ran to see what happened. We could now hear screams and police shouting, “You are surrounded!”. It was obvious that the gunmen had planted bombs around the hospital building and that everyone else had either been shot dead, ran away or was evacuated. We knew that the police won’t be coming to our rescue because they wouldn’t want to be risking their lives for two people.

Therefore, we decided that we will indeed run away via the emergency exit at the sides that is unlocked since there was no other option. Before that, we decided to risk three minutes to steal as much money as we could by taking them from the counters and dead people’s wallets.

We exited through one of the doors and never looked back. After a few minutes of walking away with about six thousand dollars cash, a few credit cards and gift cards from the building, surprisingly without getting notice, all of the bombs was detonated instantaneously and the building was now history. And we are dead.

To be continued


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